You Now Have More Characters To Reply Tweets.

From enabling users RT their own tweets to allowing twitter polls, Twitter has been making some awesome updates lately and we are here for every single one of it.

Twitter’s latest update now give its users exactly 140 characters to express their mind whenever they’re replying tweets. Before, when replying a tweet, the handle of the user you’re replying would count as part of the 140 characters you have to tweet that reply, but not anymore. Now, you get to (sorta) tweet-longer.

Twitter made the update announcement via a video shared on their TL, watch it below.

We’re changing replies so that you have all 140 characters to express yourself.
Learn more:
— Twitter (@Twitter) March 30, 2017

Other recent updates made by twitter includes changing the egg avatar icon to a human icon and muting of keywords and hashtags

Go Twitter!

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