20 days countdown to the Goldiam token Pre-Sale.


After much preparation and anticipation, it’s barely three weeks left to the Goldiam token Pre-Sale!

Through the Goldiam platform, it will be possible to buy and sell gold easily from the comfort of your own home. This is because Goldiam has partnered with reputable dealers in the assets to provide security and certificates to make this possible. As Goldiam, we are bringing these assets to the blockchain,this move will create air tight security so you can trade and store your gold and diamonds while having utmost peace of mind.

For many years, the trade of rare minerals has been the preserve of the high and mighty, but thankfully, Goldiam is making this possible to every one of us.

Just a few days left to 20/03/2018

With just a few days left, Goldiam has worked to ensure that everything is in place to make their token pre-sale run smoothly. Our website is live for registration at https://goldiam.io. Our white paper which outlines our plan in detail can also be accessed from our website. To participate in the token pre-sale, you will have to create an account with us and payment will be made using ETH cryptocurrency. The minimum allowable transaction is fixed at 0.05 ETH. The tokens at the pre sale will be ERC20 and will be exchanged for an equal amount ofGoldiam coins (GOL).

30% Bonus for early adopters!

Everyone who participates in the pre-sale token will receive a 30% bonus.

There is also a bounty program which should be active in the next few days.

With the Goldiam coin, users will be able to pay for transactions on the Goldiamplatform; they will also be able to transfer their coins to relatives and friends all over the world. This can then be converted to fiat or any other cryptocurrency.

Whats in the future?

After the Pre- Sale, the main ICO is set for 9/04/2018 and it will run until mid May.

The pre- ICO is slated for the weeks in between.

The project isa brainchild of Smartchain technologies D.O.O. whichis focused in the provision of blockchain based solutions in all fields. Previously, the team has been successful in implementing the Dubaicoinproject.

Speaking to WalidMessaoudi, an advisor of the project, he foresees this being another successful venture that will revolutionize how gold and diamond is exchanged, by bringing it to the blockchain.

♕ Website: https://goldiam.io


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☞: Bitcoin talk

Company : ® Smart Chain Technology D.O.O

Address — Serbia : Mite Ruzica 8 11050 Zvezdara/ Belgrade / Serbia

Address — France : 11 Avenue Paul Verlaine 38100 Grenoble / France

R.G.S 21358550

A.C.T 6201

PIB 110519880

✉ Support@goldiam.io

✉ info@goldiam.io

✉ ceo@goldiam.io

☎SRB : +381 63 84 05 143

☎FR : +33 6 50 77 43 08


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GOLDIAM is a revolutionary gold and diamond trading platform which empowers buyers and sellers with a new way to invest into real gold and diamond assets

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