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[Photos: courtesy of Goldiam]

Token Symbol: GOL

Token Type: ERC20

Total Token Supply: 32,300,000

Token Price: 1 ETH = 1,300 GOL

Minimum Transaction: 0.05 ETH

Minimum Goal: 2,000ETH

1 ETH =1300 GOL

1 GOL =0.65 USD

No new tokens will ever be created.

All unsold tokens will be destroyed.

It is our pleasure (as the Goldiam team) to announce the official dates and details of our much anticipated ICO launch.

It has taken a concerted effort of various talented individuals working tirelessly behind the scenes to build up to this moment, when we hope to launch our Goldiam token (GOL) sale through an ICO.

Just a bit of background on what the Goldiam project has to offer and a feel of what the GOL token sale represents.

As you may be aware, the Gold and Diamond industry is a multi-billion dollar industry, with Gold taking the lead over Diamond in terms of volumes/value traded. In 2010, the worldwide retail market for Diamond jewelry was estimated at $60 billion.

Goldiam is an innovative and dynamic platform that allows users to engage in the trade of gold and diamond in a simple, safe and secure way. By purchasing the GOL token, which is required to trade on this platform, users will be able to buy, sell, store, and transfer their precious stones in a profitable way.

Early adopters advantage.

During the Pre-sale ICO, early adopters will be able to buy proxy ERC20 tokens which will be exchanged for an equal amount of GOL token once the Goldiam platform goes live.

All the tokens offered will be ERC20 compliant and thus will be transferable to any other valid address.

Tokens allocation.

Goldiam operates on a very open and forthright system and would like to make public our token allocation. This is in a bid to allow you as an investor can feel like a part of managing the token supply. Note that all the unsold tokens will be announced and later destroyed.

Pre-Sale (24.77%) 8,000,000 Tokens

Pre ICO (24.77%) 8,000,000 Tokens

Main ICO (38.08%) 12,300,000 Tokens

Reserve Fund (9.29%) 3,000,000 Tokens

Bounty (3.1%) 1,000,000 Tokens

Total Token Supply (100%) 32,300,000 Tokens

Funds allocation.

Marketing (25%)

Development and support (50%)

Legal fees (13%)
Integration Security & Audits (5%)

Sales and Partnerships (7%)

Token Schedule.

Pre-Sale 20/03/2018 to 29/03/2018

Pre-ICO 30/03/2018 to 08/04/2018

ICO Week 1 09/04/2018 to 18/04/2018

ICO Week 2 19/04/2018 to 28/04/2018

ICO Week 3 29/04/2018 to 08/05/2018

Rest of ICO 09/05/2018 to 18/05/2018

Our Whitepaper

Our white paper outlines the intricacies of the Goldiam project and it will be available on our ICO website in the coming few days. It explains our product offerings, services, and roadmap, technology and investment opportunities. It also gives you a glimpse of the minds working for the actualization of this vision.

3 unique features

▪ Smart Gold and Diamond

This feature will allow users to purchase and trade real Gold and Diamonds using the GOL token.

▪ Goldiambox Wallet

This feature will allow users to gets rewarded for holding their assets in the Goldiambox wallet.

▪ Globunion platform

This feature allows users to send and receive assets and convert different assets on a global scale.

What does our Road Map look like?

Q4 2017: ICO Preparation

Q1 2018: Pre Sale and Pre ICO.

Q2 2018: Main ICO. Launching our own blockchain, calypsum wallet, Goldiambox wallet, Listing Goldiam on exchanges, sign legal agreement for trading gold and diamond physically.

Q3 2018: Start platform and Mobile App to withdraw gold and diamonds, smart Goldiam builder, launch “GlobeUnion” solution, smart contract on the Goldiam blockchain.

Q4 2018 : Sign contractwith VISA/MASTER CARD, launch Smart Goldiam Exchange.

Q1 2019: Goldiam hardware wallet.

Q2 2019: Goldiam ATM+ Shopping App Smart Contract

Q3 2019: Deployment of “Open heart” Smart Contract on Goldiam blockchain.

Goldiam will shape the economy of the Gold and Diamond industry on a worldwide scale. And we will achieve this by presenting a safe and seamless mechanism of investing in these precious metals.

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GOLDIAM is a revolutionary gold and diamond trading platform which empowers buyers and sellers with a new way to invest into real gold and diamond assets

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