How I Got Here

Inventions of childhood, circuit logic in high school, Matlab at Purdue, Hackathons around the midwest, startups at The Anvil…

My high school offered engineering classes. Engineer was the academic term for an inventor. I was going to be an engineer.

My favorite of the four high school engineering classes was digital electronics. I was going to be an electrical engineer.

Many of my First Year Engineering classmates were struggling and frustrated writing basic Matlab programs, but code made sense to me and I liked it. I was going to be a computer engineer.

I went to MHacks II knowing nothing about software development beyond my course projects in the C programming language. I was amazed, enamored, and impassioned. I was going to be a software developer.

I dove into CS at Purdue and the community surrounding it. I learned about startups. I was determined. I was going to be a part of a startup.

A friend and I shared a need for a better productivity tool. We applied for The Boiler startup accelerator competition. We took second place and became a registered company. I was going to be the CEO of my own startup.

Now I find myself preparing for a beta launch coming up on the 26th and I wonder how I got here…

Thanks for reading my story! Any part you want to know more about?
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