I Don’t Stand For This

I find myself wishing for a way to tell the world that I don’t stand for this. I don’t stand for Trump. I stand for acceptance and equality, morality and maturity, logic and reason, forward progress, and peace.

I walked through a tense and quiet campus to get to class today. I wanted to wear a big sign telling everyone around me that I am not a Trump supporter. I wanted to wear a sign to say “I’m on your side” to the many international students, minority citizens, women, LGBTQ+, etc.

Honestly, why not do that? Should we not tell them we stand with them, in hopes it may give them any amount of comfort or hope? I believe we must.

I believe we must show the world that we do not stand for this and will not stand for this. These messages of hatred, divisiveness, and exclusion; the misogyny; the regression of a world leading nation; the denial of climate change; and so much more… I do not stand for any of it.

I stand with you

Join me in telling the world what side you’re on. Spread the comfort of knowing you’re not alone. We are stronger together.

We Won’t Stand For This