Take a break. You owe it to yourself.

This weekend was the first time taking a break felt like a true break.

As far back as I can remember, a break from working would leave my mind still as cluttered, stressed, and exhausted as before. After a weekend in the woods on a “tech free” retreat (occasional text messages), I’ve finally given myself a solid break. And it felt amazing.

I bet you’re like me. You’ve probably felt like you never get a true break, never feeling fully refreshed. I imagine you’ve also heard other people preach about taking a break from our tech-saturated lifestyles. Even if it could make a real impact, it sounded too impractical for me.

Well, it’s not. It’s not too impractical and, in fact, it was pretty beneficial for me. I won’t pretend like this one weekend turned my life around, or brought about a whole new me. What it did do was make me look for opportunities to take true breaks more often.

We can’t always take a lengthy time off and cut the cord. We can, however, make the momentary pauses more refreshing. I obsess over productivity and I’ve tried to fill every moment of my life with doing something. I trained myself to ignore notifications until the spare moments in between things. That’s useful, but I forgot to leave some of those “in between moments” for pressing pause, breathing, and clearing my mind.

If you never clean your room, it quickly becomes a problem. Most of it is unusable and what’s left is difficult at best. You can still live in a messy room, but you won’t thrive there. Your mind is the room you never leave. Clean it sometimes.