Retirement strategy: Thinking like a quarterback

Retirement thinking: think like a quarterback (Goldstone Financial Group)

Even if you’re working with a skilled financial advisor on your retirement, the final decisions rest with you. That is why thinking like a quarterback when making your final decisions is a wise practice.

For example, take a bend but don’t break mentality. Expect some losses but don’t accept them all. During volatile markets, investors oftentimes take flight. In long-term investing, this is the worst thing a retiree can do for themselves and the economy.

Just like a quarterback over the course of a football game, you may suffer a turnover or a financial setback, but your success is determined by how you respond.

The most apt comparison to football might be that you need a solid defense to have a secure retirement portfolio. You must implement safeguards to help you grow and keep your money.

There are a number of tools available to help[s] create a sustainable base for income through retirement that help shield retirees from this risk — think of them like the offensive linemen on a football team, they don’t get much glory, but no football team could survive without them!

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