Being Different.. or Being Weird?

what makes us different? what qualifies as weird?

and just so we are clear.. this does not include anything that qualifies as “crazy” , you know taking an unknown dose of an unknown substance at a party or quitting your job because you don’t feel “appreciated enough”,..instead it talks about these other three (what we shall call the three shades of questionable)..

This guy who shows up at a party and refuses to touch or be touched by anyone(including handshakes). Then gets really drunk and is later caught taking a dump in the flower pot in the front porch. He comes back to the party and doesn’t seem fazed by the events or the fact that nobody wants be within 5 meters of him.

This other guy who comes to the charity fundraiser and is constantly trying to accumulate attention around him with the most eloquent storytelling, claims he is ex-military(air force).. Later he’s identified as Sam and not John as he introduced himself.. and he is a plumber in an estate on the opposite side of town.

And about this one lady who gets drunk at a party and insists on driving the Uber that had been hailed for her.The driver tries to explain that this is not her car and in any case she is really wasted and in no condition to drive. To which she yells “STOP TELLING ME WHAT TO DO , I HAVE NEVER DIED BEFORE”

So what makes us different ?And if we are all so different at a fundamental level, why would we consider some characters as “weird”? I got no answers here, just wondering out loud..

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