New Horizons

In my time on this Earth, many people have made their mark on my life. Acquaintances, family, friends, and random strangers.

I find that the most common theme among all of them is that they always have said, “Look for new journeys, and look forward to the possibilities that will arise.” Not in these exact words, but as an overarching theme. No one wants to believe that they inhabit a small bubble around their own lives. Their world, one of many, is one that they have created to sustain themselves.

As I have grown older, the idea that this life is merely a construct of our own experiences has not satisfied my questions. I am a man of faith, and as such, I believe that everything we endure, everywhere we go, and everything we know is a part of God’s plan. It’s not a grand scheme, as some lives are not so grand, but they can be. Some people never live their lives seeking to expand and improve upon their own potential. They believe that their lot in life is not subject to change. I know for a fact that a man or a woman can change their lives for the better, if they choose the right path, and never waver from it.

The question is, what is the “right” path? There are so many choices, so many roads to go down. We are not subject to whimsical, fanciful dreams, or false ideals if we do not choose them. Who is to say that those making those choices are not choosing the right path for themselves? Those who make choices that intentionally harm themselves or others are not only a detriment to themselves, but can drag those down around them. Their choices are made before they can react to the fallout.

This is the conundrum: Life is a quandry, and yet it is so simple. We often forget to simply LIVE each moment. We forget that those around us are as much of an influence on us as we are on them.

So, I would urge you to choose to make your lives a grand scheme. Don’t paint your walls in grey tones. Don’t surround yourself with those who pull you down to their level, but seek those out who want the best for you. Your new path is one you will build, using the “bricks” of words and “mortar” of action. Leaving the complacency of mere existence behind, opening yourself up to God’s infinite grace upon your lives, and remembering that He alone truly knows your purpose. When you’ve given up the world’s false ideals of nihilism and self-gratification, you will see the world open doors for you that you never knew existed.

This is the simple call of God upon His people: Arise, and build. First, we have to get up. Then the gratifying work of making something out of our own drive and godly motivation can begin. Your New Horizons are at hand, if you let God guide your path.

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