Introducing crowdsourcing account-based map

Doozyrama is a free interactive crowdsourcing social map. It is an alternative to traditional business-oriented location-based services which totally control places’ database building process. Anyone can create account and add any places to the map seamlessly.


All places added to Doozyrama map are added by people and experts as recommendations. Neither local businesses nor Doozyrama team can set bundle of places to display on the map. Any user can add any type of place to the map instantly without pre-moderation.

An algorithm ensures that places on the map are always up-to-date and recommended to visit by real people. By liking or disliking place people determine it’s quality, places with big amount of dislikes will be hidden. Places can be added to the map in exact place’s location only, it helps to avoid risk of fake places.


Doozyrama is account-based map. Any place’s description contains information about contributor, who has added place to the map. Users can follow any contributor to see all contributor’s places on the map and be notified about new added. Read how to follow accounts.


In Doozyrama all unvisited areas of the map have fog over them, app tracks change of users location and uncovers the map in visited areas.


Doozyrama is a free iOS app. It contains no ads, no in-app purchases and so on. It will be always free for users.

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