A List Of Fascinating Christmas Apps: Let The Celebrations Begin!

Christmas is around the corner and it’s all about having fun, enjoying gala moments, singing beautiful carols, and welcoming the fresh and rejuvenating new year which is ready to write a complete new chapter of our lives. So, how would you like to celebrate it? Have you thought of it yet?

Fret not! Here are a few fascinating apps specially designed for this Christmas. Are you ready to take a tour of these apps? Yes?

Let’s start…

Christmas Brings A Joy Of Learning Life Lessons: Christmas Stories For Kids

Parents always want their kids to be updated with the days and festivals we celebrate with joy and blithe. Christmas is one of them. They are always keen to tell their kids different Christmas Stories, and Santa tales.

Therefore, here is an amazing app titled Christmas Story Books having a good collection of stories that conveys a heartwarming message of giving, and spreading happiness. The app is in Trial version so a few e-books are only available. New stories will get updated in the same version sooner.

So, let your kids get engrossed in this amazing library and read intriguing tales about Christmas, elves and more.

Christmas Brings A Joy Of Greeting Santa: Wish Santa Merry Christmas calling HIM personally

Kids always wish to call Santa during Christmas and ask HIM to bring the desiring gifts. Do you think this is possible? No… It is possible now. Parents, amaze your kids requesting a personalized free call and text messages installing this cute app.

A Call From Santa is built with spellbinding features including text messages, audio calling, reindeer names and lot more. This app does not provide a real calling functionality. It’s just to make your kids happy and joyous during this festive days.

Christmas Brings A Joy Of Playing Games: Pamper Your Dream Pet

Pets are the best friends. The more you pamper them, the more they get attached to you. If you cannot adopt a pet dog, there is another way to make your dream come true.

Dog World 3D is the sweetest animal playing app that lets you involve in the following activities; play, pamper, bathe and dress up your pet dog who is dear to you than anyone else… Remember, it’s a game. Therefore, the more you cosset like a parent, the more you score…

Christmas Brings A Joy Of Partying Hard: Get Creative Party Ideas While Playing

Makes sense! Christmas time, Party Time. But, the same party theme and gulping the bottles of beer has become obsolete. Well! Don’t lose hope!

Wasted Fred inculcates a new way of partying playing selected games; Dare It, WaterFall, Hot Potato and Master. So, get ready for the fun and Bid Adieu to 2016 in the most rocking way!

Christmas Brings A Joy Of Giving: Shop, Celebrate and Gift

It’s Christmas! Enjoy the last month of the year shopping, celebrating and tracking exclusive gift ideas with a perfect shopping budget.

Christmas Gift List app lets you track the best ideas and lock it for your dear ones the moment you receive them. Further, it allows you to set a budget and mark the gift as purchased as you do while shopping.

Christmas Brings A Joy Of Cooking: Delicious Feast is Ready To Serve

Cooking turns out to be a pleasure when Christmas is around. Different types of cakes, puddings and special dishes are prepared to let the party feeling continue until the new and refreshing year knocks our door.

Why not help the home chefs in learning new and mouth watering food items?

Perfect Christmas Dinner has amazing quick and easy to cook recipes for Food and Drinks that will double your enjoyment and add five stars on your chef’s court.

Christmas Brings A Joy Of Clicking and Creating Video: Let Your Elfie Look Come Out

Woweeee! It’s time to give the best pose of yours and craft it into beautiful Christmas Frame. Click lovely pics with your family, friends and make them memorable using the most splendid app called Elfies.

The app has a good collection of frames you can pick from to decorate your memory and share.

If pics are memories, videos are stories. Create your own Christmas stories and share using the Elf Yourself app.

The app allows you to upload the best five pics and a chance to pick the best dance theme in order to create the most pleasing elf video.

So, what are you waiting for? Don’t smirch these last days of the wonderful year. Be Christmas Ready and Enjoy to the Fullest.

Merry Christmas All!!!

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