Angela Merkel: “Mutti” or a Stepmother?

Over the last half of a year the influx of migrants to Germany has taken on disastrous proportions. Both German and international editions have been trying to outdo each other in their critics of Merkel’s shortsighted policy, which has acted as invitation for refugee crisis into the country, whereas the main problem is far from Mrs. Chancellor’s political or moral views. At the same time, after analysis of Merkel’s behavior it becomes obvious that psychologically it is totally logical. 
In all appearances the unconscious actually has a strong hold upon her psychics. Thus a dog bite in her childhood caused her dog phobia, “everyone got married and I had to keep up” (about her first marriage).
An ambitious childless stepmother of two adult young men has consecrated all her life to politics. It would seem that substitution of Merkel’s unborn kids with people dependent on her decisions should switch on. It is German Nation that should get her unrealized maternal love and care. However, Angela was the eldest child in a family. So this projection has taken a morbid form.
It may be that she considered she had been less loved by her parents than her younger brother and sister. Hence, there is hostile attitude towards children and disinclination to procreate. At any rate, it became clear Merkel hates kids when she moved a child to tears in a live television ( Later this calm hatred has projected on those who affectionately called her “Mutti”.
Nevertheless the ‘natural kids’ are the ones who evoke no motherliness in Merkel. Instead, through the open German gates she “begets” with pleasure millions of dangerous stepchildren pushing aside from Mutti’s nourishing breast those, who has a birth right to her protection and support.