Man, people really like using the word “censorship.”
Freddie Wong

Yeah this isn’t censorship so much as baffling. Creators can still profit from native advertising and selling merchandise while making the videos they wanna make. What should be highlighted is our quickness to denounce websites for seemingly choking our speech and why that is.

YouTube has been relatively fair about allowing talk of controversial topics and appealing false DMCA and flag takedowns of videos. But other silicon vallery giants are not as fair.

That’s just one example, but twitter engages in shadowbanning which discreetly hides tweets from people, and ignores actual policy violations if they are against people like donald trump and other notable conservatives because the standards are applied unfairly.

People jumped the gun here and they should admit it isn’t censorship, but fears that the internet will one day be sanitized and micromanaged by big business and an unaccountable government are sadly not tinfoil conspiracies.

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