[Interview] How Movie Rewind Increased Their Website Traffic with an Email Newsletter

Movie Rewind, home of the best Netflix release information, movie reviews, and actor profiles, has been around for 6 years but just 8 months ago Sue and her team decided to complement their website by adding a weekly email newsletter, focusing on Netflix releases.

To her surprise and ours, the growth has been consistent and fast. So fast, it’s one of the quickest growing newsletters built on Goodbits and at times, has experienced a 50% week-over-week growth.

What is Netflix Release Updates newsletter’s secret to attracting new subscribers, engaging current ones and in turn increasing website traffic?

Your Curator

GB: Firstly, Sue, can you tell us a little about yourself?
Sue: Sure! I work for Silver Beacon Marketing, where I am a Search Marketing Manager. I am also the Editorial Manager for our three entertainment content sites: Movie Rewind, Readers Lane and Pop Rock Nation. I write reviews and other content for both Movie Rewind and Readers Lane as well. I am a former stay-at-home Mom whose children are now nearly grown (but who I still over-mother at any given opportunity — much to their faux-chagrin). I have two cats and am working on my official ‘Crazy Cat Lady’ certification. In my spare time I do a few healthy things like hit the gym or take a walk, but mostly I read books, watch Netflix and take my teenage daughter shopping. Oh, and eat cookies — that’s my favorite one.

GB: Wow, busy, busy! And +1 for the cookies — a favorite pastime at our office, too.

Netflix Release Updates

GB: Do you mind further explaining what the email newsletter is about?
Sue: My newsletter provides subscribers with a weekly update of Netflix release dates from Movie Rewind. I keep a running list (it’s called Everything Netflix) on the site of the new things coming out on DVD and Instant Streaming that I compile and update weekly (or more). Subscribers simply click through to see the entire updated list each week. It also includes links to new movie reviews on Movie Rewind and usually at least a few sassy comments.

GB: What prompted you to even start this newsletter?
Sue: Well, I was getting more and more questions from readers about when their favorite shows were coming out on Netflix and thought that this was the best way to let people know when the new list would be updated.

GB: Makes sense. Win/win. You have less questions coming through and readers can check out the new shows when they have a chance to open your email. But what we really want to know is how do you have an insider scoop of the new programs coming out before the rest of us?!

Sue: On the contrary. It’s actually just a lot of hours of patiently sifting through what’s coming out on DVD and checking availability on Netflix, then really thoroughly poking around Netflix to try and figure out when things might be streaming, then putting it all together every week. Since Netflix has release delays now (they didn’t used to — the onset of those delays is why I started doing this) there’s a lot of rechecking involved. Over the years I’ve also gotten to know some patterns in releases, especially for TV, so can hazard a guess when someone asks about an established show based on previous years.

Basically, it’s a lot of time and picky work that I do so other people don’t have to!

GB: We appreciate it! So, you’ve seen significant growth since you’ve created the newsletter. How have you gotten the word out?
Sue: We use a pop-up on the site that lets people know about the newsletter. There is also a link to subscribe on the Everything Netflix page.

GB: Oh, not too fancy! Anyone can do that. Do you have any goals for the newsletter?
Sue: My goal for my newsletter is to provide people with an easy way to know when new information is available on Movie Rewind. Not just Netflix information, but reviews and other content as well. I have two very talented writers/reviewers on that site, and it’s a pleasure to spotlight their work each week. I also really, really enjoy the additional pageviews (who doesn’t) and hope that people who were initially looking only for Netflix information find other content that they enjoy.

Built on Goodbits

GB: Prior to Goodbits, what tooling or services did you use to send your newsletter?
Sue: I didn’t have an email newsletter before Goodbits! It’s the first service we tried and we’ve stuck with it.

GB: We’re you’re one and only? ❤ What’s your favorite feature of Goodbits?

Sue: I love the ease of having new content on my site right in my queue to drag and drop where I want it. I also really like how the newsletter renders in email.

Quick Tidbits

GB: Have a favourite twitter handle?
Sue: The Tweet of God

GB: Any book recommendations?

Sue: I really like horror, and recently read Joe Hill’s 2007 debut novel, “Heart Shaped Box” and thought it was great. Hill is Stephen King’s son and has a terrific voice with hints of his father but a style uniquely his own.

GB: Stephen King has a son? We think we’ll leave the horror books for you to read — don’t hurt us!

By adding an email newsletter as a part of Movie Rewind’s marketing efforts, Sue and the team have increased traffic to their site and has fielded unnecessary inquiries about current Netflix releases. And they’ve enabled the rest of us to just Netflix and chill.

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