In Transit

This is us, one week ago unloading 6 bins, a large rolling duffle, and more than you’d want to carry-on in preparation for our move to Tanzania. All things considered, our flights were very smooth. We made Deacon a little canopy using the Delta blankets (pictured below). He slept most of the second leg from Atlanta to Amsterdam, but he was awake for 7 of the 9 hours on our flight from Amsterdam to Kilimanjaro. Bethany had prepared a bag full of toys and distractions for Deacon that worked well, but he was obsessed with the touch screens in the back of the seats. In the end, we arrived safely, made a few friends, and didn’t bother too many passengers.

Nap time for Deacon

Settling In

We’ve spent the better part of the last 5 days settling in and getting to know our new town. We’ve had a hospital tour guided by a 9-year-old, found a great Mexican restaurant, driven on the left-side of the road, and managed to secure consistent Internet access.

The main challenge so far has been getting Deacon to sleep through the night. Jet lag is brutal for a one-year old and leads to you getting him up and playing with toys from 12 AM to 2 AM. We are very thankful for Benadryl. Deacon seems to be on track now and really loving his time here.

Deacon in our yard

Their will be much more ahead with descriptions of the hospital and our day-to-day. For now, we are adjusting well and excited for all the new opportunities. David is about to go test drive another car which is an adventure in itself.