TED Talks to get you thinking about sustainable investing (Part 2 / 5)

Each week, Goodments will be sharing 1 of 5 inspiring TED Talks to get you thinking about sustainable investing and maximising your long-term financial goals. Sit back and listen to the experts voice their opinion on why sustainable investing and purpose-driven business isn’t just a smart financial decision, it also affects nothing less than the future of the planet.

This week | Chris McKnett: The investment logic for sustainability

Chris McKnett makes a case for environmental progress being at the hands of big institutional investors

Is it reckless to ignore environmental, social and corporate governance issues when it comes to choosing how we invest? Chris McKnett thinks so. Environmental, social and economic issues are not mutually exclusive. Watch McKnett explain how minimising harm to the planet and its inhabitants also minimises future economical risks and maximises returns.

“So if sustainability matters financially today, and all signs indicate more tomorrow, is the private sector paying attention? Well, the really cool thing is that most CEOs are. They started to see sustainability not just as important but crucial to business success. About 80 percent of global CEOs see sustainability as the root to growth in innovation and leading to competitive advantage in their industries. But 93 percent see ESG as the future, or as important to the future of their business. So the views of CEOs are clear. There’s tremendous opportunity in sustainability.”

Next week | Steve Howard: Let’s go all-in on selling sustainability

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