How To Implement CDN without affecting incoming mail server and ftp server

So after Struggling for a week, we finally implemented Incapsula CDN for our web traffic and retaining configuration for our incoming mail and ftp server. While implementing CDN (Content Delivery Network), we simply redirect our traffic to Our CDN service provider IP address. Sometimes service provider only handles specific type of services only like http or https request. but in that case we have to retain the configuration for other types services like incoming mail services , ftp services and other types services which are important to you (like admin, webmail etc). So First I will explain how to update the DNS record to implement CDN service .

1. Updating A Record with Service provider IP:

So when you register you website in Incapsula, We get below details to update to our DNS Zone.

So Before updating the A record and CNAME looks like something like below

So where we simply have to edit the host , here hos is @ which is simply our naked domain ( and since there are two IP address provided by service provider , so we have to add another IP address for same host. and similarly we can add CNAME with www and pointing to so after making necessary changes, our dns zone looks like below:

So, till this point we have successfully updated our A records and cname pointing to our service provider IP. But now actual trouble starts. Now since service provider only handles http and https types of requests only, But here all your services are now pointing to service provider IP. Now if some one is sending email to, That email will never get delivered to our webmail because mail will now reach to Incapsula server where they never acknowledge any other types of requests other than http and https.

So for to overcome this issue,

2. Changing Cname for mail and updating MX entry

Now we have to edit the cname with mail and make it as A record and that A record should point to our existing IP. so it will look like below :

So here if you notice, now mail is updated as A record which is now pointing to our hosting service provider IP.

Now the last update is to edit the MX entry with host (@) pointing to this subdomain ( ), so after making these changes mx entry looks like below :

Okay, so we have now finally updated all required changes, No further changes required after this point.. once the DNS changes take effect ( normally it takes around a 1 hour but may end up taking upto 24 to 48 hours also ), our website is CDN integrated with our Mail server and FTP servers also working fine. Hope it Helps , Let me know if I can help you configure the same free of cost..