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Good movies and TV shows are a ton. But filtering them from the noise has always been hard.


There are lots of movie and TV recommendation services out there. Netflix, IMDB, RottenTomatoes, Jinni, TasteKid, etc. They recommend movies and shows based on your behavior on their site. The ingredients that usually go into these recommendation engines include,

  1. The movies and shows you have watched previously and how you rated them.
  2. You reviews of the movies and shows you have completed watching.
  3. The genres you prefer the most and rate higher.
  4. The actors in the movies and shows that you always rate higher.
  5. The movies and shows you have in your watchlist.


While we were building Goodshows, lots of people expected it to be another movie/TV recommendation app with some social features. But Goodshows is not about recommending you movies and TV shows. As a social network, Goodshows is about recommending you the RIGHT PEOPLE to follow. At Goodshows, we believe that your friends and other people with whom your interests align are your true recommendation engine. We are starting to see activities on the app that affirm our belief. We would like to share two such stories here.

1.Some brilliant movies, unfortunately, don’t get enough attention from mainstream media in the beginning. These movies rise to the limelight following the large number of award nominations they bag. The “Room” is one such movie.

The first review of Room on Goodshows was posted by one of our early users, Shawbin. Following that review, many people added Room to their watchlist. Currently, there are 15 reviews (avg. 4.7/5) of the Room on Goodshows with more than 50 users having it in their watchlist.

2. TV shows are a lot of investment. They consume lots of hours. They go on for years. So we want to watch only the best of them. We don’t want to start watching a TV show just for it to get worse after few episodes or seasons. Hence, getting a good TV show recommendation is really important.

Thisfunktional is one of our power users who puts really good reviews. We have discovered really good TV shows from his reviews. Here we have another user X01C who is going to start watching Arrow after reading his review.


When the only way for you to find a good movie and TV show is through the people you follow, it inherently leads to formation of a vibrant community. Below you see a discussion on the recent Lucifier episode and the striking thing about it is that all the users participating in the discussion are strangers and know each other only through the app.

It been just two months since we launched Goodshows and we are fortunate to have some big movie and TV geeks among our early users. The Goodshows community is buzzing thanks to them. It is only going to get better with more such users. If you are a movie or TV fan, join us while we build the best people recommendation engine.

You can download our iOS app here. If you have Android, you will have to wait. It won’t be a long wait, we promise. If you have tried the app and got any feedback or suggestions, write to us at You can also follow us on Twitter for all the latest entertainment news.

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