The Good Nature Rat Trap deployed in the UK

So, I am here because I am obsessed with the GoodNature rat traps. Having seen the effectiveness of them I decided to try and make a bit of a living deploying them throughout the UK. I am also the founder of the Good Trapping Company. Aimed at being the number one provider of the GoodNature traps in the UK.

So, what is so special? For those of you who use the moniker, Just another mouse trap. This time things are different. With a great deal of brain power, simplicity at its core and most of all humane spirit the Good Nature team in New Zealand set out with the fine aim of making New Zealand rodent free.

It was after all the British in the 1800s who brought rodents to New Zealand in the first place.

And so with a great deal of thought the A24 Good Nature traps were born. In 2017 they arrived in the UK. This blog will be our attempt at The Good Trapping Company to take you through the effectiveness of the Good Nature traps in the UK.

Further, we hope we can add colour and suggestions as to how best to deploy the traps in different scenarios here in the UK for full results.