The American contract
People have forgotten over the last 50 years that there is a contract with America and it has nothing to do with Mr. Gingrich. It is one that used to be espoused by parents to their children and so on to the next generation. It is an unwritten contract given to every American by birth. Everything is available to you (Not Given to You) as long as you are willing to work hard for it. This freedom and Liberty was never a given. It was and still is a price paid in blood. It is something that has to be (Not Should Be) but has to be continuously fought for. The fight for liberty and the American dream didn’t stop with the founding fathers, the greatest generation, Vietnam, Korea, The cold war, Iraq, The new terrorism, No! The fight for freedom and liberty never ends. It is a contract given by birth, and with such a gift given to us all we must all work hard not to simply succeed; but to live up to that freedom and liberty. That is our duty as Americans. Unfortunately this contract is no longer espoused by parents and in doing so has been forgotten by these new parents and never passed down to this latest generation. 
With Facebook, Twitter, and Pokémon Go, ruling the nation the question is are we going to have to skip this truly lost generation in order to pull things back into a sane existence? Is the old guard going to have to step back in just to save future generations of birthright Americans? I am an Army veteran who fought in Iraq and that does not give me right to claim that my fight for America is over. I did my duty as an American and will continue to do so. I implore all of you to fight. Fight in the best way you know how. Fight with any of the talents that God gave you and help your American brothers and sisters to live up to that contract and once again earn that freedom and liberty.

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