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I am always keen to return to India and find out what’s new since the last time I was there.

My role takes me all around Asia and I consider it a blessing that I get to visit and learn from so many diverse, fantastic places. There is one place, however, that continually leaves me stunned when I visit. I quite often feel like a fish out of water in this particular country, because my job at its simplest, is to understand people, but when I visit India, I realize I need to play catch up, fast.

I rationalize this myself as being OK as there is not one India to try and understand, but at least two very different…

A hand drawn graph on a piece of paper.
A hand drawn graph on a piece of paper.
The way of the future: advertisers banding together to create a measurement system

I think the big challenge for advertisers in the next 6 months, maybe the next 2 years, will be staying brave.

It’s going to be really easy to cut down on discretionary spending, to pull the ad budget because things are getting a little tight or a little murky. But I’d argue, because a lot of people are going to be doing that, that this is the perfect time to double down and be brave about your advertising and marketing plans.

You’ll need to be brave to go against the flow of the masses. But last time I checked, following…

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What’s the gold medal media channel in terms of ROI? It’s not that simple

Google recently held an event in Australia called YouTube Unboxed.

One of the things discussed there that caught my attention was that there’s a sharp differential in the way the media industry is developing different content for different demographics, and the advertisers are learning to adjust for this differential, too.

For instance, my elderly parents love ‘linear’ TV and the fact that their favourite shows come on at a particular time — in fact, their favourite TV programs act as cues for their daily routine. …

Stuart Pike

Google’s Director of Market Insights in Asia Pacific

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