6 Traits of a Great Salesforce Consulting Firm

With its growing popularity and increasing share value, Salesforce related consulting is actually booming. While the range of offers in terms of consultancy is becoming wider, how to choose a Salesforce consulting firm is a question which cannot be taken lightly and deserves due consideration.

With that in mind, let us consider 6 traits of a Salesforce Consulting firm which ticks the right boxes:

1. Are you certified?

One of the simplest ways to validate your salesforce consulting is to get Salesforce certified. Not only will this indicate that you are experienced and have the relevant knowledge, it also helps in keeping up to date with new practices.

2. Firepower and Manpower

Another important trait of a Salesforce consulting firm is the availability of resources at its disposal. Not only this includes access to materials and the necessary fire power logistics wise, but also in terms of man power, especially developers.

3. Do you have a relationship with Salesforce?

One of the other features to consider is whether your consulting firm is exclusive to Salesforce, and if not what percentage of work is dedicated to Salesforce. A consultant focused on Salesforce will have a definite advantage and offer quality delivery.

4. Any references?

Another trait to look for in a Salesforce Consulting firm is whether there are credible references for their previous work. Some of the questions to be considered included the responsiveness of the firm, the knowledge and information which the consultant purported to have and whether previous clients would recommend the work. In other words, would they LIKE and SHARE the Salesforce Consulting firm’s work.

5. Added Value

While there are several firms in operation at a competitive price, any added value such as live training of both developers, end users and administrators as well as management of data migration and integration abilities would prove to be an incentive and attractive trait of a Salesforce Consulting Firm.

6. Expertise and Experience

This might sound like a no brainer but the experience and expertise of the firm will be an essential feature to be considered. Some of the elements to consider would include the knowledge of the industry held by the firm and its expertise in client handling and customer support. Additionally, whether the firm is an SI Partner and whether they are on the AppExchange


Goolshun S. Belut

Salesforce Lead — Smplicity.Co

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