How I Found Myself Becoming a Web Dev

I’m writing this to give myself retrospective 3–4 months from now. I’m currently in the process of (hopefully) becoming a full stack node dev. Funny thing is, I had no idea this was my goal until recently. This is how it happened:

  • Two friends and I started a Youtube channel teaching Japanese: Baka Proof
  • I decided to build a Wordpress website for the channel
  • The website become a scope creep disaster which took a couple months to create, completely detracting focus from the Youtube channel itself.
  • The aftermath resulted in total burn out with BakaProof , and a basic proficiency in HTML5/CSS3, largely due to our designer’s constant need to nitpick at the website.
  • “…I might as well learn Javascript now”.
  • Baka Proof’s third man (Andrew), revealed to me the world of “web apps”, something I had somehow been blissful unaware of up until now.

And here I am. To bring things full circle, I hope to eventually build a web app for Baka Proof that can aid in learning Japanese. Career goals aside, that was the motivation that lead to the daily habit of watching Youtube tutorials and being on CodePen daily.