My 2 pence — now worth 10% less

Brexit — as it happened:

The pound has already dropped to as low as 2009 (‘do miss the old recession’, said no one ever) and the UKIP leader jumping the gun and claiming ‘I dare to dream’ — the actual opposite of Dr. King’s dream, everyone’s nightmare. If this happens, there’ll be a lot of people waking up thinking ‘what have we done’. You’ve Trumped it.

*Update: it’s pretty much a done deal, the UK have just single handedly gone from one of the leading nations in the world to second class citizens of their own accord. Everyone who had a ‘stick it to the man attitude and all hail working class’ approach — you have now woken up poorer. An unsteady economy, worst off for travel to all those cheeky Magaluf holibobs you love every year, less secure, immigration won’t change (also reality check, if your mates with me or an immigrant/expat yourself, you probably know the exotics are well alright). We’ve just made catastrophic history and if UKIP ever get into power and BFF Trump…doesn’t even bare thinking about.

You’ve voted with your emotions not with the facts.

It baffles me that so many hailed the right to our exercising of democracy in this instance— when this referendum didn’t need to happen in the first place. You have to question blind democracy, when the decision to leave against the judgement and advice from top level experts who were not out for themselves, but simply out to debunk myths and put facts and figures to the situation were ignored.

Where is the logic?

Yet, every Tom, Dick and Harry felt they were suddenly — political, economic and foreign affair experts with zero qualifications on the matter and act so boldly as to claim they knew better than the ‘experts’.

Where is the logic?

Blind optimism of another recession. A RECESSION. No matter how ‘small’ you are assuming it might be, is a recession. That less than a decade ago — ruined livelihoods, careers and families. A recession that made life so extremely difficult to bare for so many, it didn’t bare thinking about what it would be like to have to go through another one in this lifetime.

Where is the logic?

To have such blind optimism that out of the EU we’ll regain money going back into the NHS, schools and the like — yet less than 24 hours be told that, that was a lie.

Where is the logic?

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