This World Our Hell
Abby Norman

Abby, none could have ever wanted this lovely person dead, not the least your Mama. And the you in those pictures look angelic, how dare devil come near ever. Parents, elders often throw curses at kids so as to escape their problems or not to again get a chance to worry about problems kids make while they solve their bigger problems. In young ages, It is so harsh, so difficult to hear, feel, understand, accept or take to heart.. When it happens, it shatters a child. But a child grows and grows to a be a wonderul person. A person whohas intelligence, knoowledge, emotional strength to get over, win over, problems of childhood and the trauma. It may be difficult, but, the spinster aunt of Medium seems more than capable of achieving and excelling in everything difficult.

My eyes went moist, not thinking of your past but knowing how you overgrew it. Wear that lovely smile of you of yore and remain a challenge for anyone ever to not appreciate and exclaim how wonderful she is ….