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Anna, you look lovely.. Nice profile picture…

Nice tributes too.

What you said about writing is so true. When we are in an environment where many writers present their creative side, we tend to write more and better. And the more we write the better it gets. Writers inspire others with their work too. And writers are fortunate that they could write. Any disturbances or emotional issues can be kept aside by writing. I was very active in FB for over 18 months earlier when I used to post as many as 50–60 haikus on some days, in my Mother Tongue language Malayalam in a haiku group of more than 50000 users. In English too I used to write, then, I left FB, stopped all social group activities for almost 5months. Medium I just happened to come across and I am still watching all, reading and commenting. That also is important. More than writing, reading what others present and commenting on those encourage them as well as make us better thinkers. It is indeed great to be in a place where we have many who present their experiences, creative sides, intelligence, projections of future, what not. It is great to be around people like you.

Cheers …

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