Augusta Khalil Ibrahim

Joining your grief. Life pushes some of us hard and then some people who happen to be in our lives make it even more difficult, making a mess of whaat could have been a beautiful life helpful to many more. Sometimes all together make us feel nothing could be taken anymore. Getting across that point and look for another day often makes things ease for some time. Things may again crash but one needs to keep fighting and holding one’s fort. Then it is not about shame, right or wrong, whatever, it is about survival. If we come to know someone is suffering for whatever reasons, we shuld talk to them and if not to refer or offer help, but to just calm the nerves to go on for a while more… I had sat through the night, talking over phone, with a friend who tried doing something foolish and then the next day forcing a promise upon my life that no such thing will ever be attempted. Not all are strong mentally, but, all can be if someone steps in to hold at the right time.

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