A vegetarian questions.
Mariana Rego

Mariana, having your legacy, the brilliant country you are from, the lovely customs you had, the smells and tastes you enjoyed, and the certain things you miss having decided to keep away from those, my suggestion is… Enjoy your life with what you like.

Whether or not one turns vegan or not, animal farming happens, people consume. But forcing one to remain vegan and miss out on so many things you like and then feel bad about it is not the answer. I too feel bad about animals being slaughtered for food. But, that is livelihood for many. Is killing animals to preserve humankind allowed or just, I dont know. I really dont want to know either. Because if they are not reared for food, not many animals will get killed, why even reared. So, they were brought into life for a purpose. Fish from the sea or farms, again, they are caught for livelihood. Like I do my work, someone is doing their work. People who dont want Internet to function or certain professions to happen if they all decide to boycott or ban such, what will happen? It can go on and on.

Where do we make all the vegan food for all the population? If all consume vegan food only, will that cause many new problems in the long run? Then what will happen to the reared animals? Will they be reared at all? Then what about disallowing them to take birth or live for even a little while? When we provide one right, would it not be taking away many rights?

My suggestion… If you enjoy having non veg food, if you miss manythings because you decided to give up non veg food, I would say, have your likes and take food you love and enjoy.


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