#365DaysOfWriting Day 53: The Joy of Cooking
Divya Srivastava

Oh.. I love cooking… I just finished slurrrping a chicken liver roast I made … What you said is true… Cooking, creating a dish is very self boosting and one feels quite nice after making a good dish… And, the creativity in food in infinite.. One can go many lengths and breadths inventing a new dish or improving or changing and old one or making a new style of presentation… ohh… limitless… and at the end of it all if people fingerlicking love what you make, then, it lifts you skyhigh… Good that you are mastering many dishes and feeling great about your skills…

What do I make best? Aahh… many many things.. Dishes of all non veg, many fries and gravies, though I stick to a few usual ones… All Kerala sadya dishes.. Payasams from many fruits and many veggies… And the latest is pickles… This season I distributed around 35bottles of mango pickle (major work overnight to dice mangoes, but, the bonus is I could eat raw mango slices in between with salt and red chilli powder)… And that takes the count in 2 years to over 100 (mango and lime also in between) … Not sold, just distributed…

…and do you really want a recipe be added?

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