Eat…! Or Die in the Next Ten Seconds
Augusta Khalil Ibrahim

Reading and reading this moving article I was looking for where I will see a pointer to the great turnaround that happened to this brilliant person, and then I found it…. “ You can spark delight in this once-was-ugly woman by clicking the little green heart below.”

“once-was-ugly” points way back to past where many sad events happened and shook, but, the best part is that once-was went on to become no-longer and unimaginable-so and gorgeous-now, atleast as I gather from these posts.

Still… I take exception to the usage ugly-woman. I really dont think women can be ugly, I believe, somewhere, every woman, every person has a streak of beauty, attractiveness, individuality that only she or he can possess. Many may not find it, but, then, it is so hard to get someone in life who really could find what is in each person. In my opinion, women are the most beautiful creation of God… Like once I wrote referring to women in my FB poems page — Your beauty is only yours.

I love your writings and the many experiences you share.

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