Request to Medium

Dear Medium,

The stories or articles that get shared by many of the writers often include personal tragedies, some so traumatic and heart ripping. They are such strong wonderful souls to share their stories and it is the responsibility of all to spread awareness about them and the strong fightback they are doing against all odds in life. So, readers need to spread the stories and currently the only way to spread or share a story to your network is by pressing the little heart button. The heart button right now prompts for recommending and also stating one liked the story. But many a times one feels so sad and are in multiple thoughts when one has to press the little heart button because it also says one liked the story or what is shared in it. In cases where one has to spread awareness of bad experiences of others, it takes a real meanheart to press that heart button which also indicates a like.

Can a new button be brought in for recommending a story for further reads or sharing it without necessarily liking it which means there could be three buttons, one for liking, one for recommending and one for responding.

It is a request.