Once I read in a National Geographic article about photography that the best way to photograph Sunset is to shoot through the event and especially, for 10–12minutes after the actual Sunset.

Off I went to Goa for a holiday, just to enjoy the wonderful dishes of the most famous restaurants and ofcourse to capture Sunsets in its famed beaches… And wasnt it great… Here is a photofeature… Just watch how differently Nature paints around in matters of moments…

Arossim Beach, Park Hyatt Resort

18:27 hours
18:32 hours
18:48 hours
18:49 hours
18:50 hours
18:51 hours
18:52 hours
18:55 hours
18:57 hours
18:59 hours
19:01 hours
19:04 hours
19:06 hours
19:07 hours
19:08 hours
19:10 hours
19:14 hours
19:15 hours
19:16 hours
19:23 hours
19:28 hours
… and the same beach at 8:33 hours the next day …