The Sun Urges All …

Burning himself
Far away,
Giving light for all
Guiding them on
Their paths of life
How to live
The Sun
Shows us all …

Working tirelessly
With no rest at all
Through the time
We all know
Setting somewhere
And rising elsewhere
The Sun
Provides for all …

Lighting the Moon
When he sets
Until he comes up
For the next shift 
The Sun
Ensures for all …

Single always
But irreplaceable
Letting others
Derive from it
Tapping its strength
For many needs
The Sun
Bestows it all …

Never one to complain
Never withholding
Never even blaming
Knowing its role
How crucial it is
For the Universe
To move on
The Sun
Allows for all…

Always loving
And never punishing
Treating all alike
Giving everyone
More days and days
To see the light
And spread the light
To be like himself
Nourishing lives
The Sun
Urges us all.

Happy to do my slightest bit for the movement “Light Up Medium, Light Up The World”. Wishing, praying all to be loved and allowed to live their lives peacefully, stretching the limits of possibilities, lighting up more lives, being a Moon, being like the Sun, loving all.

This world is beautiful. Life is invaluable. And possibilities are limitless. If only love and light replace ill feelings and darkness.

Salutes to Tremaine L. Loadholt, Ayesha Talib Wissanji and all other beautiful souls who lighted the million lights and copied the Sun.