no matter where you are keep love in your heart and you’re always home.


ever since i was a teenage boy i wanted to be a writer. but never in my life did i ever think i would be a rapper. my grandmother loved story telling. she always wanted to be a writer and nurtured that flame in me at a very young age. i was raised in small town america surrounded by the shadow of the ghost of motor city that still haunts factory work to this day. nothing but corn fields, apple orchards, and cows. my uncles and grandfathers were the hunters and builders of america’s greatness.

i was raised by a strong single mother. my mom is a flower child in every way. always happy go lucky, loves peace and personal happiness, and always close with family. a wanderer always searching, always seeing. i guess you could say i got my eyes from my mom. she first introduced me to music and technology, and i absolutely love her for that. because music gave me a sense of style where i found my own voice.

it wasn’t just the music, it was the culture it reflected, it was the tribe that nurtured it, it was the underground scene. sound was forever changed in me. you wouldn’t believe how much fun you could have with just a cassette, a tape deck and a pair of headphones. and learning computer science made me face my human fears, my fallible doubts to dare and explore the impossible. problem solving through logic building and computer science made me find my patience and patience helped me find my resolve.

i found a balance and then i found my passion. i wanted to see the world connected online. i crave both the culture clash and sense of oneness. i wanted to get out and explore the world wide web online and meet everyone from everywhere. russia, china, south africa, latin america, everywhere. music got me out in the real world more and made me meet amazing and inspiring minds. camping, fires, playing music, telling stories, living in the dirt, eating whatever food finds me. i was a dirt bag without a care in the world.

i’ve packed up my life and put it in a laptop. i’m free to go anywhere now. everywhere usa and beyond. my journey growing up made me a student of life. somehow that path led me to a crossroads and at the end of that road hiphop courted me. she seduced me from an anxious young poet who finally allowed me to be anything i wanted to be. her wanderlust gave way to a directional purpose for me.

i can paint any picture i want, tell any story. i could be a gangster or a bike messenger, a teacher or an activist. you could be a savage masked villain on stage or the king of your own coast. sixteen years i’ve been writing. now i’m a songwriter and a producer. i write words and create melody. i found my path. i’m a wordsmith. my words are story telling.

i was just a computer nerd endlessly writing as a hobby. but then it happened. music came into my life on a very personal level and my muse grew even stronger. i fell stupid crazy madly in love with her melody and found a harmony amidst the counting of paradiddles.

i bought a drum kit, picked the brains of the most brilliant musical minds whom i am proud to call friends and studied all their lessons, all their videos, but mostly just seeing them practice. it’s really that simple if you just focus enough of your own time. drummers like mike schertenlieb, jake hill, joe keck, and so many more!

most drummers are a wealth of a community with free information and friendly encouragement should you seek their advice. they know more than most just how important patience is if you wish to grow and improve in both your time and your timing. i highly recommend it if you’re seeking an instrument to learn! but most of all you need to have the dedication to focus on deliberate practice.

i’m not saying i’m exceptionally good by any means. but i am saying i keep getting better, and i’m not stopping. the songs make themselves now, i am just a humble servant to her melody on the daily. but now my passion for story telling can pull me away for long periods of time and that scares me.

the nomadic lifestyle that once inspired me now takes me away from the things i love most. you’ve got to get out and adventure, experience life, meet new people, fall in love with each one. every life is a soul with it’s own lessons to give and a story worth telling. but my family is what nurtures me, keeps me whole, and is always my center.

sometimes i’m afraid of what i’m going to miss when away. the friendly fodder, the smiles, the jokes, the time well spent doing nothing with someone so important to you in life. to be able to help them and to seek guidance in them — i don’t want to miss any of it.

i decided to combine writing with songwriting to let the musical world know who i am. with words, with melody, and all my art forms. if you ever listen to a song of mine, know all of this goes into the making of it. we are all standing on the shoulders of the giants who helped raise us.

we must learn to respect the world’s natural resources and preserve the world we want to give to our children. if we can learn to honor nature’s truest ways then we can learn to find beauty in all things — even in the most inconspicuous and overlooked details in life.

i want to give you my eyes and see the world. that’s all i’m really attempting to do in every song i create. i hope you paint, i hope you learn to sculpt, make sweet love to the woman of your dreams, the moon of your life and partner in crime forever.

make music, crash vic firth sticks into high hats, cymbals, floor drums, and tom toms. never ease up on the ride. and get comfortable in that seat — you’re going to be there a lot! wherever you’re at in life, own who you are, and enjoy every minute of it.

understand that the piercing of light into the depths of darkness is just a star shining it’s light to show that it existed. and that’s all we are. stars learning how to shine our own light. rage on into that deep abyss of nothingness my beautiful friends — and show the world you are something to be marveled at, something majestic. you are a cosmos onto itself!

master your timing and explore every bit of the vacuum of space you get to call life. never stop playing and singing. if you got feet then you can dance, and if you got a voice then you can sing. how good you are is just a matter of dedication.

learn to never stop dancing and celebrating the rest of your life. we are all connected. teach everyone the lesson of self determination in the expression of self. explore. do more. keep growing, keep creating. learn the lesson of hard work and integrity. find your moral code.

now when friends and family listen to a song i made, they can know that i’m always with them. from the moment i left my mothers house to the moment i bought my own where i found my focus in life, from all the highs and all the lows, from the very bottom of all of me to the tippy top of what you read here — there has always been one constant.

it’s something that has stayed with me in everything, like a motorhome for the road or a sense of comfort to others disguised as armor i use to defend me. i hear it in every song i make. the stage is my battlefield.

from every cheer of friendly beer to every dive bar and drunken fight, every scratch, ding, laugh or cry is recorded in this music i’m making. every verse is a memory. every chorus adds up to the life i always wanted to live. everything i am is in each song.

and there will come a day when i will be gone and hopefully my children or my grand children will find these played out old songs from an era no longer in fashion. and they will know me. this is my story in every melody. thank you erik b. and rakim.