The Asirvia GO, depending on Google ‘near by’ technology

The Asirvia GO might be a device which could easily match the palm of one’s part. The Asirvia GO, according to Google ‘near by’ technology, continuously broadcasts a user-programmable written content inside the closeness of 300 foot to Android operating-system devices with Bluetooth allowed. 
Android os now have 60% of the us mobile market and 56% from the Australian mobile market.

Using Googles close by technology the GO device broadcasts a 40 personality message as well as a clickable Link to a web site. This message arises being a silent notification on any Android mobile phone device which includes bluetooth allowed. The unit remain in pre release so at this time it is possible to secure your personal products in a 50% off introductory offer.
$25 monthly for 1 unit
$50 per month for several units
$100 monthly for 8 units
If you was only using 1 bluetooth closeness marketing product for $25 monthly you’d possibly reach over 216,000 people greater than a 12 month period for $300. Once apple gets on though, it will likely be better still. The GO isn’t reinforced by Apple yet because Apple won’t use Googles nearby technology yet.
WHO’S The Asirvia GO Product For?
The Asirvia GO device is great for the following companies and entrepreneurs.
Any realtors needing more clients.
Any car sales lawn wanting more sales.
Any restaurant owner desiring more bookings and walk in customers.
Any pub or nightclub owner looking increased pub traffic.
Any shop having a particular offer to discuss.
Any agent or agency looking more signal ups.
Any beauty and wonder salon planning to reserve more appointments.
Any chiropractor or dentistry service seeking more clients.
Maybe you have a grass mowing service or even a home cleaning business.
Asairvia GO could be perfect for any delivery service.
Any home-based business or independent direct selling rep.
Any trainer or success instructor.
An exhibitor at industry incidents.
Web site designers
The list just proceeds and on.
It is possible to program each product with an all new message and also have them stationed in multiple locations.
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