Time To Quit
James Altucher

“Surrendering is action.” This is something that our aggressively pro-activity culture just doesn’t seem to understand. People must be hit over the head many times — and even then many of them, perhaps even most, don’t get it.

Indeed, this is the key concept in getting life on the right track. We muck up everything and block ourselves in thousands of ways with our own plans, our own goals, our own desires. When we begin to see that it’s the “our own” in all those things that’s messing it up for us, then we can begin to make progress.

By the way, my new book, The Problem of Life (http://j.mp/TheProblemOfLife), is all about this. If anyone suspects that there is something wrong with the way we live our lives, but isn’t quite clear about what it is, maybe you would like the book.