Frank Underwood’s Omertà Rules,

& we are sending out an evoke in order to break it

Gordon Freeman
Feb 28, 2015 · 8 min read

Ladies and Gentlemen, … the President of the United States of America !

[through the 4the wall]

Yea, that’s me … Frank Underwood

And that was myself being introduced to the Senate of your States-General during the VVD-LSVb-Educationcafé debate by your host and most honourable VVD Senator Jan Anthonie Bruijn.

My business here is to tie down the last loose strands of what i consider to become my Magnum Opus.

A project i embarked upon after i received a brotherly request for advice and support by the Chief Wips of some unmentioned parties here in the Netherlands who were assigned to chaperon the Studievoorschot higher education Bill into Law. They had spotted a little tricky problem — as they liked to call it.

Because … by agreeing to pass this higher education bill into law our independent and most honourable Senators didn’t just knock-off the purses of their future students but also -follow the money- allocated those unlocked funds quite gamefully (but now obviously as unbiased professors , lecturers and Board of Governors / Supervisors again we assure you quite conveniently but foremost efficiently) into the farthomless waistcoat pockets of the Higher Education Institutes by which they were professionally contracted.

None of those gang of 17 members had the decency — let alone the moral integrity- to abstain from voting because … as we al know:

“Democracy is so Overrated”

Those LAKS & LSVb , ISO ,Vidius and LKvV youngsters sitting here next beside me in these rugged unmovable benches obviously stood no chance in hell against the well greased Old Boy’s networklobby from their public University-Governmental Complex which had nested itself so transparantly into the very heart of their democracy unless … they were salvaged by the Fourth Power. And here i entered the ploy.

My reputation as Chief Whip, not only of unruly party members but also of The Press herself, had not gone to waste across the borders of my empire.

I won’t explain how i managed to silence the parliamentary press concerning these glaring atrocities of the parliamentarian process of good democratic conduct.

But suffice it to say … my Studievoorschot Omertà Rules.

For all to wonder.

for all the press to see but for none to print.

Ah , … Jan’s finished his intro … my turn now to speech these kids to heaven, right now, right here in this little similitude of the House of Lords.

[back into 4th wall modus]

Thank you Jan, it was very kind of you to invite me for this kruitdamp-debate .

I can still hear the victorious YEA’s echo 36 times through this chamber .. and i can still smell your enemies canonpowder on their sweet lips after their resounding 26 NEA’s shriveled into oblivion.

So ... Yamine, Annelote, Tom, Sanne and Floris-Jan

as representatives of your generation you looked down upon your peers battle from the public tribune opposite of the sky-box of your Press Corps. Gloomed, horrified and defeated.

But now, .. look at you.. blooming if not glorrified by this humbling experience.

So young and already so well versed in the grammar, methodology but especially the harmony of our democracy. I praise and bless your natural giftedness to so quickly swallow your dark pride and billowing pain concerning your lost Studievoorschot Bill Battle. All in order to again join your individual voices into the harmony of our common good.

[through the 4th wall again]

I am not going to lie. I despice children.

I’ve always loathed the necessity of their naivety.

It reminds me too much of my own Death.

your 793,4 Billion farthings will now be our yearly big booty

because when the tit’s that big everybody get’s inline

and we will be ripping your faces off -truly Goldman Sachs style worthy- year in year out, again and again and …

Little do these brads realize that in a few weeks time, out-off this very room of the Senate of the States-General , nieuwsuur will broadcast the Lijsttrekkers live.TV debate. The most honourable Leading Senators of the several parties will then cross their swords. All in order to lay the indirect foundations for their own re-election. It’s considered to be the startschot for the Provinciale Statenverkiezingen campaigns.

Danger lurks in these live events so I made damn sure that Nieuwsuur’s anchors Twan and Dominique are very aware that i’am present though not present. So i posted them a hidden link to a little vid embedded below.

I will be constantly breathing my cold air in their bare necks in order to prevent them from asking while live on air the one billion euro question:

“ Is Underwood really the mastermind behind your Senators Studievoorschot Omertà ? “

The Revolution Will Not Be Televised.

Another narrator enters the play.

and my name is Gordon Freeman . I am a member of the VPN. You might have seen me during VPRO’s documentary about our young political party either on TV or the web.

I just happened to stumble upon Underwood‘s ploy as described above (do not ask how … i havn’t got the time to explain) and we decided to react. Our VPN website is currently off-line so i decided to publish this blogpost via medium. I hope it’s redaction won’t mind. Somehow i expect that they will receive a takedown notice concerning this blogpost. So make sure to secure a copy and spread it’s URL quickly.

This blogpost is among other things our @VPNfractie ‘s solidarity statement with @bungehuisbezet ‘s appropriation of the Bungehuis in the metropool Amsterdam.

Their struggle to regain the roots of our democracy in the setting of the University of Amsterdam “democratic processes” mirror deeply those of our own VPN.

So as a representative of the VPN i paid them a little secret visit. So i could tweet them later on our public sympathy statement , and … a little foreboding of things to come, via the little video embeded below. Apologies for having entered your operations Head Quarter which also happened to be the Boardroom of the Faculty of Humanities ;-)

There question “Why are you so scared of democracy?” is ours.

Let me remind you about some of the Key Issues of our VPN party-programme:

• Afschaffing Provinciale Staten, Eerste Kamer en Raad van State

In due time we will have to talk about the Raad van Staate.

Our proposition to @BungehuisBezet would be: let’s evoke a playfull twitterstorm around nieuwsuur’s #nieuwsuurdebat hashtag for tonight as a startschot in order to break Underwoods Omertà once and for all.

Let’s demand from our Nieuwuur anchors there willfull submission to ask the impossible question Underwood made so sure of that they would never ask their double-hatted Senators.

“ Is Underwood really the mastermind behind your Senators Studievoorschot Omertà ? “

Let’s mobilize and spur on your followers to use their second screens to intervene while we watch TV or Nieuwsuur’s livestream via the web.

Let’s ask those present tonight in onze Eerste Kamer der Staten-Generaal to post their selfies with their Senators against the backdrop of Underwood’s pianting.

Because we -for some mysterious reason- were not invited.

Wouldn’t this blogpost not make a rebellious entry for the essayprize as organised by OCW’s Minister Jet Bussemakers ;-?

  • i have no time — i must post now-

Good Night and Good Luck


(R)evolutions have a tendency to be so unpredictable.

So i have to include a little interlude before returning to my evoke.

My little plan to build support in order to expose Frank Underwood’s Magnum Opus was twarted by the revolutionary developments on the ground. While i was in a hurry to organise , write, post and disseminate my stuff the Bungehuis appropriators ran into such a hard conflict with the mayor and the CvB of the University of Amsterdam that an eviction became highly imminent.

So that night they sure had No time for a little blogpost like mine. Alas.

For them it was time to mobilize their forces on the pavement for realz. The following morning the ME would start the eviction for sure, if not sooner.

And so the next morning … the eviction … and a whole lot more.

The day after we witnessed this eviction the National Union of Students and the ASVA hooked-up with @BungehuisBezet @HumanitieRally and De Nieuwe Universiteit to organise a big protest march.

Later that evening we saw the students appropriate the managerial HQ of the University of Amsterdam , the iconic Maagdenhuis.

We won’t dwell on all the actions flowing out-off this appropriation because we would like to refuel our in all the fervor lost proposition with new vigor.

So, we the VPN party, send out an urgent evoke to:

De Nieuwe Universiteit

@BungehuisBezet @HumanitiesRally @LAKStweet @studentenbond @hetISO @LKvV @ASVA etc: etc: students networks:

NOS will livecast next monday march,2 20:25–21:25 via national TV NPO2 out-off the city of Amersfoort the discussions between twelve provincial party leaders . It will be presented by the public national news anchors Dionne Stax and Herman van der Zandt. Also via web livestream NPO2.

President Underwood even provokes Chomsky’s “Manufacturing Consent” beyond measure when i’am listening to this sound-track.

Since our Senators are elected by the members of the Provinciale Staten we demand from our NOS anchors their willful submission to ask the impossible question Underwood made so sure of that they would never ask.

“ Is Underwood really the mastermind behind your Senators Studievoorschot Omertà ? “

We as VPN party hereby again evoke a playfull perfect twitterstorm now centered around NOS’ hashtag of choise for this spectacle as a kick-off in order to break Underwoods Omertà once and for all. For realz.

I hope you will include this little evoke on the agenda as a point of discussion at your National Assembly at the Maagdenhuis next sunday march2, 2015.

Because a governement can’t sell democracy within a democracy.

Greetings, by Gordon Freeman as your VPN party representative.

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