Less is more and more is no longer enough.

The silly misguidance of escapability

While escapement from one’s own comfort zone seems like a reasonable goal to strive, it’s in my opinion really not a thing that should be sought.

It’s been proposed that traveling might help you on your way of leaving your comfort zone, but is it really the true answer?

Yes, it does help you become more of an individual person, but nothing more than still a conformist in the present society, as you only get to experience things others already did.

I mean, suree…

You might learn a thing or two, but nonetheless, it won’t be anything new. It won’t be anything previously unknown. It most likely won’t be anything to define you as an aspiring individual.

However, my suggestion would be to (day by day) do things you don’t really know why they are good for, doubt in everything you can (to a reasonable amount, that is) and above all THINK about what and why you are doing something.

That way, you will start realising what’s happening around you and start developing as a critically capable (not looking from the society’s perspective) human being and finding yourself as a individual, less and less defined by the clichés that the society offers.

Gornik out.

p.s. I highly recommend reading Terry Pratchett as he offers certain well regarded intellectual games as well as an immersive story with his “Discworld: The Death Collection”.

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