Bubble, bubble, breath!

Day Two on our Women’s Camp

Day 2


This morning’s swim was all about breathing. After highlighting it as a focus, we played with some sink downs before asking the athletes to repeat ‘bubble bubble breath’ as they swam up and down the pool. Even in just the second swim session, we were seeing significant improvements across the athletes — and it was great to hear that they feel they are learning so much and feeling better in the water already!


65km loop out to Petra. The sun was shining and the wind was holding back, so we were able to really enjoy the rolling roads out to Sineu and then on to Petra for coffee and almond cake.

Right before our rest-stop at Petra, some of the athletes were seeking a better view and had heard there was one at Bonany…

When we were back at base camp, we were greeted by yet more sunshine and an inviting sea — which for our athletes translated as: grab your wetsuit and hit the beach!

Another great day with an awesome bunch of women. Hold on to your hats for day three…

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