Shoujaa the strange

illustration by Jessica Durrant

there once was a place hidden somewhere in space,
where things were a bit different than you would expect.
picture a sky at the end of July
with shades of dark blue and raspberry pie
and fields full of grass, golden like sun,
so cold and so rough, most would probably run.

and right there lived Shoujaa, a strange little man
with eyes green like the ocean in its wildest time.
he used to feel lonely, peculiar and scared
with no soul to talk to, not one single friend.
except for the books that he carefully read
and a big purple cat he used to call Fred.

as soon as the night falls and the two moons show up
he sits on his porch with a pipe in his mouth.
he gazes with wonder at one shiny star,
hoping that maybe it is a quasar.
and night after night he stood there and watched,
until a letter from nowhere at his feet arrived

“is anyone there? I need to connect…
I’m so sad and tired and need a good friend.
I’ve traveled through space time, been light years ahead
I’d love me some coffee and a warm bed”.
Shoujaa folded the paper, not knowing what to believe,
was all of this real or was he asleep?

*end of episode 1