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Gotcha Gatcha is an original 6868 Community-Driven hand drawn collectibles project with MAHHArt by GG Team. Created from a unique combination of hundreds of traits with animated Legendary NFTs in the 6868 collection.

The Story

Gotcha an ancient god imprisoned on Earth for thousand of years until he was freed by humans of earth then signed a lifelong contract and promised them wealth and happiness.

The almighty Gotcha then embarked on a journey to the other side of the moon where he created GG WORLD and became its ruler.

Gotcha summoned 7 unique factions to compete in the search of black diamonds, these diamonds holds the power to unlock a golden ticket to visit earth.

The Black Diamond

From what they know, earth is a happy place, blissful, and calm.

they compete every day in order to obtain the black diamonds and the strongest race can offer those to Gotcha

and hope for the golden ticket to earth.

Little did they know, Gotcha is keeping a really big secret….

7 Factions War for Black Diamond

The 7 Factions

  • Snally: They are one of the mythical creatures of GGWORLD. With a Slimy body structure and Eyes as big as Starla’s head, Snally’s mobility in combat and hindsight awareness is severely high! Snallies reside in the Woods of GGWORLD. Don’t let their cute exterior fool you.
  • WIZ: The legends of GGWORLD, master of all elements ! They look cute huh? Well don’t let them fool you, as they could do some serious damage to you in a matter of seconds! Not much is known about WIZ, as they aren’t your normal faction on GGWORLD.
  • FELLIE: Don’t judge the Cats by their Cover, as they are one of the fastest and cut-throat factions on GGWORLD ! Residing in the Capital City of GGWORLD, they’re a race of innovators and weaponsmiths that are responsible for most weapons used on this realm
  • STARLA: Meet STARLA ! One of Gotcha’s favourite creations, they resemble the Humans on Earth. Residing at the Northwest Suburbs of GGWORLD!, Starla’s are equipped with versatility and close-combat experience like no other!
  • NOMEN: The merchants of the Realm, the Wealthiest race in GGWORLD !They reside in the Eastern Part of GGworld, living close to the portal of Heaven and Hell There are rumors that the Nomens are holding riches beyond your imagination.
  • MEKANS: A gruesome and merciless Race of Robots equipped with the sole purpose of attaining the Black Diamond. These tin-cans will annihilate everyone in their sight. Their hard, metal exterior makes them adaptable to every environment in the Realm.
  • BLAZE: The portal keeper of both Heaven and Hell. As a race, they are a celestial being, undead, fearless and immortal. Residing at the Bridge to the Underworld, Blaze decides who is worthy enough to present the Black Diamond to Gotcha.

Gatcha, The 8th Faction of GGWORLD

Gatcha is a direct descendant of Gotcha, created and appointed by Gotcha to oversee the Black Diamonds War and to restore order of GGWORLD. Gatcha is a level stronger than all of the other seven factions. Where both Gotcha and Gatcha are mintable!

Gatcha the 8th Faction

Gotcha’s Precious Creatures (The Legendaries)

Being trapped on earth for thousands of years doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s a bad thing. Gotcha has learned and absorbed the one true thing that the Humans excel at, Freedom of expression. From Art, Movies, Music, Jokes, Poetry, you name it! Gotcha’s fascination grew alongside his love for the race that had originally been the cause of his exile.

The Community

Our approach in terms of community building is somewhat unique. When a new community member enters GGWORLD, they are required to support and choose a faction. These factions will then determine who you are, and your friends and foes in the Battleground. The battleground is filled with both the good and bad.

These factions will march into battle through a series of engaging interactions such as comedic roasts, casual talks and everything related to Gotcha Gatcha. But beware! It isn’t always sunshine and rainbows in the Battleground. The Guardians of GGWORLD hold weekly faction wars for these 7 factions where they have to cooperate with each other to beat the other factions and create a synergy inside each faction.

But in the end, these factions are still under GGWORLD and they all carry the same flag

Gotcha’s Journal (Twitter)

Gotcha utilizes Twitter as his main instrument to communicate with the Humans daily and update them on the situations on GGWORLD.

This is the only way Gotcha can communicate with the Humans.



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