10 Places She’s Secretly Dying to Be Touched (That Most Men Ignore)

erogenous zones for women

Hey, it’s Lawrence. Women are dying to be touched all over, but there is one place in particular that will really drive them wild. By the end of this video, you will know exactly what that place is. Pleasure is an interesting thing. Pleasure makes us, you know, we tend to be really shy about pleasure and our needs. Women are like that. There are some who have learned how to be super communicative about it, but most are not and don’t know how to do that. You really need to discover, and listen, and also ask. When she’s in bed, there are going to be these hotspot areas that just really rock her world. The reason they rock the world is because there’s lots of nerve endings there, and it’s something other than her nipples and clitoris.

So, part of what you want to do is realize that a woman’s body is a, it’s an art piece. You want to play other notes other than the toot-toot, rubber rub, poke, poke, poke. How do we do that? Number one, realize like see the entirety of her body. If she has long hair, hair is going to be part of her life, how hair feels probably at the back of her neck. The back of the neck is a very, very sexy place that does not get a lot of attention.

Hey, there. Just in case you’re in a rush, I want to let you know that you can still check out the three types of orgasms for maximum pleasure that only a few guys know about. Click the link to learn them and you’ll be on your way to learn the top three orgasms. Also, the sides of the neck like down from the earlobes, down to the side of the neck, that’s a really great place to lightly bite or to kiss or blow on. Then also the back of the neck. The nape of the neck is a great place to, like think of it like a massage, like you’re massaging those shoulders, but you might be doing that with your teeth or your tongue. When I say teeth, when I’m talking teeth, be very, very careful here. I’m talking super, it’s like sexy. It’s more like a little nibble, not a chop.

It’s a very cool thing to even take the entirety of your mouth and open on the back of her neck and just growl a little bit. It’s just a crazy experience, because it’s a little bit like, “What? What is this?” Again, you can’t just do this with some stranger obviously. You want to do this with somebody who knows you and you’ve had some consensual talks with so they’re not just like, “Whoa, what are you doing? What is this weird guy biting the back of my neck?”

Other places that are great to touch and that she wants to have touched, potentially the underside of her breast, the underside. Depending on the size of her breasts, the underside are almost never touched ever. The ribs are incredibly sexy. There’s lots of little sensations in there, but you have to be careful of her being ticklish. Then the other thing is the butt in general. You can massage pretty deeply into the butt and touch pretty deeply. What’s interesting is it’s like the ass is like the backside of the clitoris. You can in essence be communicating with the clitoris just by copping, squeezing, and pressing into her backside.

Also, the lower base of the spine is really, really incredible. These are little tips and tricks that you can play with. Also, understand there’s lots of nerve endings in the hands, the fingertips, and the feet. Touching the feet, foot massage just like a thumb, a squeeze, and a thumb pressed into the arches of the feet can be very powerful and add a lot of sensation. Just think that 99% of the men that she’s had experiences with have focused on these things, just like nipples, clitoris, go. If you can just start thinking outside of the box that way and just think about, “Well, what are these other areas? What are other areas I can touch and play and tease?” You’ll open up her world and your world, because there is a lot of fun we had, but it’s like, let’s learn how to play our bodies more like an instrument, an instrument of pleasure, which they really are.

So, remember, explore her body when she responds. When you hit a spot that she really likes, there will be something that looks like, that is like, her body will communicate. Pay attention to that and do those things, and remember them, because you can start to add this lexicon of pleasure to your sexual experience with her. There are three kinds of orgasms that few guys even know about. I’ll show you exactly how to do each one here in the next video. Just click the button or the link now