10 Sex Moves for Hotter, Wilder & All-Around Better Bedroom Action (Video)

how to have good sex

How To Have Good Sex & Blow Her Mind In Bed — Will You Keep Her Coming Back For More?

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In my experience, most guys can be very reluctant to talk about improving their sex lives.

However, as a dating coach, I’ve gotta say — most guys are not quite the “sex god” that they wish they were.

And so it’s important to have these kinds of conversations… especially if you want to keep a woman sticking by your side after you sleep with her.

So that’s what I want to talk about today!

Hi, I’m David Dupree, and every week I’ll be answering the most difficult & burning questions you have when it comes to sex and dating.

And today, I’m answering this one:

“What are the best moves for hotter & better sex?”

Catch The Full Video Transcript Below…

Let’s talk about the first time you have sex with a new woman after you take her home.

That first experience can be summed up by 3 states of mind she’s in.

The “Yes” state of mind:

This is when everything’s going well and she’s totally into you (accepting all of your advances and even initiating some of her own).

The “No” state of mind:

She’s not feeling it. You’re not feeling it either, and you can’t get it up.

And of course…

The “Maybe” state of mind:

She’s pulling away or it seems like she’s not interested, even though she’s agreeing to have sex with you. She’s not saying yes, but it’s definitely not a no either.

What do you do in each case?

In the case of “yes,” then obviously, you push forward. It’s that simple.

However, I don’t mean push forward regardless of what she says.

Because if you reach a point and then she stops or says “no,” then you clearly need to do something else.

But that’s not what you want. So today I’m going to show you the best sex moves to get that “yes” response as soon as possible.

How To Stimulate Her 5 Senses for MAXIMUM Sexual Pleasure…

A woman has 5 senses, and you want to stimulate as many of them as possible:





And sight.

So how do you hit all of them?

Here’s an example:

You can look her in the eyes… kiss her all over… and touch and talk to her while you’re kissing.

Make sure your hands are moving while you kiss her — otherwise, you risk being the “boring” guy.

Pay special attention to her neck — kiss it, grab it, and touch it.

Don’t just shove your tongue down her throat and then move into sex. It’s too fast.

Apply the rules of escalation every step of the way, and you’re more likely to get that “yes” response you want.

Are There Any Places You Shouldn’t Touch?

Of course, you don’t want to touch her everywhere at the same time… and you also don’t want to touch only one thing all the time.

You should let your hands roam — explore and find what she likes.

For example:

Some women will resist a touch below the belt but are more comfortable when you grab their a**.

For a lot of women, the a** is a highly sensitive erogenous zone.

Her breasts are also like this — however, you want to touch the side of her breasts first because it encourages more touching later.

So it’s not that there are places you shouldn’t touch, necessarily…

…It’s just that there are places you need to “approach” with a little more caution and finesse. That’s all.

3 Ways to Tell What She Wants Less (& More) Of…

Many women like sex to be a little “rougher” from time to time, so here’s a good way to tell how she wants it.

With your hands, touch her in both “rough” and “smooth” ways.

Try both, but do much more soft touching than rough touching.


Because that way, she knows you can go hard… and this gives her the chance to tell you, “go harder.”

Trust me — you never want her to tell you to “slow down” or “go softer.” It’s de-escalation.

So building up to harder touching is best done by exploring the front and side of her body.

If you stroke the side of her body, for example, then that means you can stroke the side of her breasts and nipples.

She’ll have one of three responses:

1) She puts her arms up to stop you and pulls away, which means “no.”

2) She just doesn’t do anything — that’s a “maybe.”

3) She leans in, pushes her body to yours, and gives you some sound — that’s a “yes.”

Then you can respond appropriately.

My 10 Sex Moves for Hotter & Better Bedroom Action

So now you know how to escalate and get her worked up… it’s time for some hot & wild sex.

Here are my 10 best sex moves for hotter bedroom action (some of these I already mentioned, so bear with me):

1) Incorporate heavy kissing before & during sex — most women crave this kind of intimate connection, and it’s super easy to pull off.

2) Touch her nipples at least once — her nipples are a highly sensitive area and can stimulate her nerve-endings *down there.*

3) Say, “I like the way you [whatever she’s doing]…” — not only are you complimenting her, but this kind of dirty talk stimulates her erotic mind.

4) Grab her a** — for many women, grabbing her a** makes her less resistant to other more intimate kinds of touching.

5) Touch, kiss & grab her neck — this is a flat-out HUGE turn-on for 90% of women.

6) Make eye contact — many women need to feel a connection to have an orgasm during sex, and this does the job.

7) Allow your hands to roam — do this while you kiss her to keep foreplay interesting and maximally stimulating.

8) Mix softer touching with rougher touching — her response reveals exactly how rough she wants you to be with her.

9) When you finger her, say, “I like how wet you are” — usually, this works to get her even wetter.

You may have noticed that this list is missing something… my 10th move.

And that’s because my last move is something a little more specific — it’s for when you want more oral, but feel “weird” asking for it, or think she may say “no.”

Not Getting Enough Oral? Try THIS…

A lot of guys who talk to me tell me they wish they got more oral.

And the truth is, there are a lot of women who are totally fine with giving oral, but they refuse to take the initiative.

So sometimes, you just have to tell her what to do.

I’ve had a woman tell me, for example, “If you need anything, just push my head.” And I’m not really the head-pushing type.

However, over time, I realized that what she was really telling me was this:

“I am totally fine with going down on you if you tell me to.”

For a lot of women, especially shy girls, they just need you to take that dominant position. So take that responsibility, and have fun doing it!

Here are some examples:

“You’re going to put this in your mouth, and then I’m going to f**k you.”


“Suck this, and then I’m going to f**k you.”


“Take this in your mouth. Put this in your mouth.”

Of course, if I tell her this and she doesn’t do it, then that’s a big problem.

In fact, I’ll tell you when I’m least likely to use these phrases — it’s when the woman seems very encouraging, but I’m not totally sure if she’ll do it. Because that’s a big risk, and she might very well give me oral anyway.

However, if the woman is not encouraging… then WTF do I have to lose?

If she says “no,” then I may never see her again, so why should I care?

So cross that line sometimes.

All of these moves I showed you will certainly help you have better sex over time… however, there is one final move I’d like to show you.

I didn’t include it in my list because I can’t take credit for it… though I’d be remiss if I didn’t at least mention it (because yeah, it’s that damn good):

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When I first met Lawrence a while back, I thought I knew the “secret” to giving a woman fast, powerful orgasms:

“Just try a bunch of different moves to make her orgasm the fastest.”

However, as Lawrence later showed me… this is all wrong.

Because women are very perceptive… a woman can sense when a man is “trying” to make her orgasm fast… and this makes her feel rushed… so most of the time, she ends up faking an orgasm to “get it over with.”

Here’s the fix Lawrence showed me:

Instead of trying a bunch of different moves *down there*… focus on ONE powerful move, that builds up into a mega-powerful orgasm… usually in less than 15 minutes.

And that one move is the 5-Finger “Tantra Technique” I mentioned above.

Lawrence made this cool video to show how it’s done… and after a little convincing, he finally gave me permission to share it with you — man, I think you’re really gonna like this a lot:

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