3 “Monastic Master” Secrets to Sexual Enlightenment and Power

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Hey it’s Craig… so to recap, there are 3 ways to cultivate your sexual energy for mind-blowing sexual experiences:

1) Relax in a way that you’re prepared for sex all times should it arise. Not only will you project a cool, confident vibe that attracts women like hummingbirds to nectar… you’ll also carry that vibe through to the next time you have sex.

2) The “Monastic Master’s” Secret to Sexual Enlightenment: Everything you do between now and when you have sex should prepare you for sex… much like the Monastery Master who spends an hour a day meditating, but the other 23 hours per day preparing for that meditation.

3) Know How to “Get Off” on ANYTHING! The stress hormone cortisol kills erections like nothing else. If you can teach yourself to “get off” on stressful situations… you’ll enjoy sex (and yourself) much more.

And while these 3 tips will help your sex life right away… they’re just the tip of the iceberg.

In fact, Ruwan has a free, advanced training coming up in just a few short days.

This builds on his lessons above… and teaches you how to channel your natural sexual energy… which is in abundance…

And use it to gain true personal sexual fulfillment… and even carry that over to other aspects of your life, like work and friendships.

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