5 Texts That Get Girls to Chase You

5 Texts That Get Girls to Chase You

How to Make Girls Chase You Wherever You Go — Will These 5 Powerful Texting Tricks Work For You?

Lately, I’ve been really focusing a lot on “inner game.”

I just love the topic and could talk about it for hours… but today I want to talk about one specific part of it.

It’s a mentality that, when employed correctly (and sparingly), will have a devastatingly effective impact on almost any woman.

It can get a woman wildly attracted to you and in the “she’s chasing you” frame of mind.

I call it:

The “You’re so into me!” mentality.

5 Texts That Get Girls to Chase You

The “You’re So Into Me!” Mentality I Personally Use to Get Girls to Chase Me

I use the word “mentality” because I believe it’s the only way to teach this.

Basically, the “You’re so into me!” mentality means that everything a woman says or does is because of the fact that she is so into you.

You have to think about it like this:

She’s trying to get into YOUR pants… not the other way around.

When you think like this, your actions will read as more of an “alpha” male — and women find this highly attractive.

Usually, having this mentality will cause these kinds of “alpha” actions to occur naturally — but it can be difficult to know when it’s happening.

So with that in mind, I want to show you how I’ve personally used this mentality in the past to turn women on and get them to come home with me.

Let me give you a few examples and then we’ll talk about why this works so well!

How to Use This Mentality When You’re Texting a Girl for Ultimate “Alpha Male” Status

So I’ve been hanging out with and texting this blonde B-List actress. She’s super high-value and is in all sorts of major TV commercials and movies.

I had never heard her name before meeting her… however, when I googled her? Whammo — tons of search results!

She’s feisty…

Knows how to flirt…

And has a fine-tuned screening process to weed out undesirable men.

So with her, there is very little room for error. When I first started texting her, I knew exactly what I was dealing with.

It’s true that it can be hard to win these women over — so I had to make myself stand out.


I used the “You’re so into me!” mentality, of course!

Here’s how I used it with her, plus four more examples of how I’ve used it with other women.

5 Texts That Get Girls to Chase You

1) If You Want to Text Her First

For these examples, I’ll italicize the texts where I’m using the “You’re so into me!” mentality. Here’s how I used it when I wanted to text her first:

Me: Hey… Why am I craving chocolate ice cream and a game of pool??? Are you any good shooting pool?

Her: No… But I will try anything. 8)

Me: Even “trying” not to impress me so much with an answer like that???

Her: Oh… You’re good!

Me: Actually, I’m not that good at pool, either! Does 8 still work?

Her: Yes! But I have a 5 A.M. call time tomorrow so you get to hit and run.

Me: Whoa… Hit and run?? I’m not that easy. You girls all have a one track mind. Let’s start with pool and drinks and see how it goes first! lol

2) If She Mentions Something About Herself

Another time you can use this mentality is when a girl mentions something about herself.

For example:

Her: I love yoga!

Me: No you don’t. You’re just saying that because you think I’m hot and because I just told you I do yoga.


Me: You don’t have to say that just to get me to like you!

5 Texts That Get Girls to Chase You

3) The “Location” Trick

Here’s another example that seems to work really well:

Her: So, where do you live? (typically asked in the very beginning of the rapport stage)

Me: Well… I guess we can go back to my place.


Me: That’s a great idea. My place is close by. Let’s go!


Me: Wow! You’re very forward. You wanna go back to my place already?

4) If You Want to Ask Her a Question

This example works both over text and in person — it’s great to use when a woman asks you a question.

Her: Do you know where such and such a place is?

Me: That was the lamest excuse to use on a guy you thought was hot and wanted to talk to!

5 Texts That Get Girls to Chase You

5) If She Mentions The Shower

This one is oddly specific, but it works like f’in dynamite… ONLY use it if she mentions taking a shower though.

Her: OK… text me later or tomorrow. I need to jump in the shower now.

Me: Stop trying to get me to think about you naked. You perv!

I’m sure by now you get the basic idea — but now I want to talk a little more about why this works so well.

5 Texts That Get Girls to Chase You

Why Does the “You’re So Into Me!” Mentality Work So Well?

So, why does this type of flirting work so well?

First off, I promise that you will almost certainly be the first and only guy who has ever said anything remotely close to this to her.

By saying these things to women, you immediately make yourself stand out from the masses of “needy” guys who almost always fail.

On top of that, it also shows her that you can be flirty, fun, and witty — a major turn-on for every woman. It also sexualizes the conversation (especially when you purposefully misinterpret what she says as sexual innuendo).

It Doesn’t End There…

This also works amazingly well because this mentality immediately puts her in the “she’s chasing you” category.

I love it because whether or not she is actually chasing you, you are letting her know that you won’t be doing the chasing. So she has no choice but to end up chasing you!

As men, we’ve been taught by bad social programming that we should chase women.

But this is absolutely not the case! In fact, most women love chasing men.

Anyway, you don’t have to take my word for it — I’ll show you by finishing off my story about that blonde B-list actress I mentioned earlier…

how to make girls chase you

How I Got a Blonde B-List Actress to BEG Me For Sex…

Like I said earlier, this chick was already chasing me around to hang out… but I wanted to go one step further, and get her “sexually hooked” on me.

That meant I couldn’t f**k up the first time we slept together… so I knew what I had to do:

I had to eat the “Sex Snack” before our date that night.

If you haven’t already heard of the “Sex Snack,” it’s a combination of 5 different foods… garlic, pretty basic stuff… and idk how exactly it works… all I know is that when I eat it, I feel my confidence skyrocket… and that’s not the only thing that skyrockets if you know what I mean.

(This might sound funny, but the recipe was actually discovered by the world’s oldest pornstar, Dave Cummings. How about that?!)

Anyway, after my date with B-list Blondie, we grabbed an Uber back to my place… and I’ve gotta admit, I felt a little nervous for a second (her ex is an NFL player who she mentioned was “mind-blowing” in bed)… but then, sure enough, I felt the Sex Snack start to kick in… and a couple hours later…

“Oh, Glenn, yes, yes!!! Don’t stop!!!” All. Night. Long. ;-)

This is perfect for any guy who wants to “wow” a woman in bed — check this out to see the recipe:

Get the “Sex Snack” for MAXIMUM Confidence & Pleasure In Bed…