Buying Drinks For Women: What Every Guy Should Know

What Every Guy Should Know

Drinking And Dating Go Hand in Hand — Do You Know How to Order Exactly What She Wants?

I’m gonna take a break from the deeper topics I usually discuss for a second, and address something every guy should know:

How to order drinks on a date, and what to do according to her response.

Because women today can be a little weird about letting guys pay for drinks, there’s a fine line to walk between being “overly generous”… and just being flat-out creepy.

Plus, no guy wants to get stuck with a $300 bar tab at the end of the night.

So with that in mind, let’s jump right in:

Here’s everything you need to know about buying drinks for women.

Why Drinks Instead Of Dinner?

First let’s talk about why this article is about drinks instead of dinner.

Listen, dinner is a fine date idea… but not on a first date. And if you’re out by yourself, buying a girl a drink is much easier than asking her out to dinner that same night.

Plus, a little alcohol almost always helps the night go better.

Most of what goes wrong on dates is when guys get in their own way, or when women get stuck in their heads — alcohol stops us from stopping ourselves.

Well, recently, I’ve stumbled upon the modern gentleman’s magical secret weapon on a night out with a woman.

If you haven’t tried it before, you’re going to love this.

The #1 Drink You Should Order for Maximum Sexual Success…

Order a flight or a “tasting” — it’s cost-effective and incredibly attractive to women.

Usually, a flight costs less than two glasses, yet has just about the same volume.

“Yeah,” you might be thinking, “but I don’t care about the money. It’s just as good to get her two glasses.”

No, actually, it’s very different.

Can you get her two drinks at the same time? Three?

You can with a flight!

A flight is like two drinks that you can get while she’s drinking one already. Try getting two more regular drinks while she’s drinking one? Not cool.

Here are some more great benefits of ordering flights.

1) It Shows You’re Paying Attention Without Pandering

A flight is not flowers or gifts, and it’s not buying her affection.

It’s important to realize that every time you buy a girl a drink, you are making a statement. And she has a response to that statement that is separate from the drink itself.

For example, you might be saying that the guy buys the drinks. Some women like that, and some women don’t.

Are you obligating her to something? The woman who says, “No — I can get my own drinks,” obviously has a not-so-positive view of your decision.

That’s why flights are great — ordering a flight of wines or a whiskey tasting is not the same as buying a drink.

The idea behind a whiskey tasting is that she didn’t order it (Hint: Don’t ask her if she wants it). You are, instead, giving her an interesting and new experience.

As such, it is normal to pay for it.

Here’s an example:

“Mmm… I love champagne!” She says.

Now you — quietly! — order a flight of champagnes.

Ask the bartender or the server, “Can I also order something else quietly?”

Be straightforward about the fact that you don’t want your date to know what it is. Don’t try to discuss with her that you are ordering things behind her back, because a lot of women will get defensive.

Just quietly order it and keep drinking the first drinks you’ve ordered.

2) It’s Interesting

On top of showing her that you’re paying attention, flights are also very interesting.

Even if she doesn’t want to drink, a tasting is exactly that — a tasting! Ha!

And think about it:

Even as I’m writing about this imaginary flight of champagnes, I’m salivating because I automatically imagined tasting them. Aren’t you curious about the differences?

Trust me. If she’s interested in bourbons, big red wines, or even beer… a little experimental tasting will be difficult for her to resist.

Plus, it won’t feel like drinking and will still produce an unavoidable inebriation.

Why isn’t this the most exploited trick in the bar-goers’ arsenal? I dunno. Lack of imagination, maybe?

3) It Helps Both of You Relax

Finally, ordering a flight will help both of you relax.

However, if you’re still feeling nervous, I do have a few tips to help you stay relaxed throughout the night.

This might sound silly, but if you talk about whatever you’re talking about with words that are relaxing it will calm you down and start you on the road to tranquility.

I remember coaching a client who was talking with a couple women I had put in front of us.

His mouth was moving, and that’s definitely the right direction, but he was talking so fast that he sounded nervous and desperate.

Looking for a fix I heard him finish a sentence with, “…and there was an Irish Setter on the floor.”

I jumped on it.

“I love Irish Setters,” I said, in a deep slow voice. “They’re so calm… so… relaxed… that they tend to make you… slow down… and relax.”

With no other hint, he smiled and slowed his speech and his shoulders settled back. Instant.

You can also help yourself feel more relaxed by leaning back and getting into a relaxed posture.

You usually look attractive when you are more relaxed than her anyway, so it should be a standard habit for you to lean back. Stand against a wall, for example.

Settle your arm on the back of the chair.

Drop your shoulders back.

Lean your hips forward.

Perhaps cross your legs out in front of you at the ankles. Find different examples of relaxed posture and emulate them.

You will be surprised at how quickly you can relax just by doing these tiny things.

And from there, the only thing left to do is to wait for the signs she’s ready to go home with you… and here they are:

drinking and dating

Is She Into You For Real? Here’s How to Tell…

I wanna tell you a story about one of my oldest buddies… he has a steady girlfriend now, but he used to NEVER be able to get past the first date…

And for the longest time, I couldn’t understand why.

I even went out and watched him on dates — and for the most part, he did everything right:

Ordering the drinks… making conversation… he had all of that down.

And yet, without fail, when the night came to an end… it was always a stiff hug and a “Thanks for the drinks… I’ll text you sometime next week!” (Of course, they almost never did.)

After one particularly bad date, which ended in him picking up a $300 tab for a woman who he saw out with another guy the very next night… I had had it.

I wanted a way to separate the girls who date guys just because they want a night of “free fun” or whatever…

From the women who are truly interested in finding love. (Or who are at least interested in sex.)

Enter — a woman’s “Interest Indicators.”

Because women can be kinda hard to read… and they won’t flat-out say, “I’m really into you, let’s go back to my place right now!!!”

These body language clues, AKA Interest Indicators, are the only way to reliably tell if she’s into you “for real.”

I’ll admit they can be a little tricky to spot… but once you know what they are, it’s basically a piece of cake:

Discover a Woman’s “Interest Indicators” That Reveal if She’s Into You For Real…