How to Escalate With Girls In Clubs (And Other Loud Places)

how to talk to a girl you like

How to Talk to a Girl You Like in a Loud Place — Are You Giving Her the Right Signs?

Meeting women in loud environments — like a club that’s blasting obnoxious techno music — can feel frustrating.

How are you supposed to have a good conversation… let alone approach her and say “Hi”?

I get it. And as someone who’s met many women in these types of environments, I’d like to help some of this frustration go away.

Hi, I’m David Dupree, and every week I’m answering one of the most difficult, burning questions guys have when it comes to sex & dating.

And today, I’m answering this one:

How do I meet and escalate with a woman in a loud place?

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Let’s talk about the basics first.

Getting a woman’s attention when you’re in a loud place like a club or a bar is simple… if you know what to do. So I’m gonna give you my 3 best strategies.

Now, first of all, I do not recommend speaking loudly in general because women are not like men.

They do not respond the same way to loud conversations as guys do.

Their main sexual lust organ is not their eyes — when it comes to seduction, it all starts with a woman’s ears.

Women are seduced by what you say, and so how you say things to her is very important.

I’m talking about the way your voice sounds.

Why Talking Loudly Is Rarely a Good Idea (And What to Do Instead)

If you speak loudly in general, your voice is not attractive.

Trust me — a loud voice and an attractive voice are not the same thing.

Consider the main male actors in soap operas; they all have great voices, right?

In fact, you’ll find that most actors in soap operas have dark and low-sounding voices. So, being loud is not going to help your game.

Instead, you want to project your voice — this comes from your diaphragm.

If you want to experiment, try going to a loud place and project your voice from your diaphragm, not your lungs.

Learn to do it well, and you won’t need to invade a woman’s personal space in order for her to hear you.

Should You Lean Into Her?

Speaking of personal space, here’s my next big tip:

Do not lean into a woman’s personal space!

I see guys make this mistake all the time, and it ends interactions very quickly.

No matter how you are speaking, do not lean into her so she can hear you better.

It’s an automatically repulsive behavior. So instead, just project your voice from where you are standing.

Even if she can’t hear you, that’s fine — many women will simply pretend not to hear guys who approach them in clubs anyway.

Think about the attractive woman who stands right next to the speakers. There’s a reason she’s doing that.

You have to use something other than your voice to attract her.

Which brings me to my next tip…

How Your Body Language Is Your Secret Weapon…

You may have guessed that my last tip would have to do with body language — and you’re right.

More specifically, the type of eye contact you make can do a lot to attract women in loud environments.

It’s all about the way you look at her, because your voice is not the only element of how you communicate with women.

In other words, you can show your interest with your face and eyes. That tells her everything.

She’ll be able to see your charisma and your confidence. So that even though she can’t hear what you’re saying, she’s still drawn…

Still curious…

And still interested in getting to know you better.

But be warned!

She’ll also notice if you’re giving off eye contact that’s too aggressive.

So if she looks away, then try and soften your gaze. That’s what usually works.

And from there… it’s time to do this:

From Getting Her Attention, To Getting Her In Bed

Women are very much in tune with their senses, and in my experience the fastest way to make her tingle, and create that “sexual spark” is through…


Yes, that’s right — physical touch will turn her on faster than words or eye contact or anything else ever could.

But where do you touch her? How do you do it? And for how long?

One of our community dating experts, Magic Leone, created a touch sequence you can follow, which can help create that chemistry between you and a woman.

(Magic’s video about the touch sequence is here).

This video has been out for a couple of months now, and we’ve already heard back from dozens of community members, who have tested it out with great results.

One of our most active students, Caleb, said that what he likes most about this technique, is that it’s one of the only ways to build both attraction and comfort at the same time.

Which means she’ll open up more and want to flirt with you. And when you go for her number, or to ask her to come home with you, she’ll be much more likely to say “hell yes!”

Magic’s cool video here will show you how he does it — I think you’re really gonna like it a lot:

Watch Magic’s “Touch Sequence” video here