Study: The #1 Reason She’ll Sleep With You BEFORE A Date

First Date Sex Can Be Exciting & Fun — But Is There an Easy Way to Make It Happen?

The idea of waiting an “appropriate” amount of time to have sex with a woman is not, by any means, a new idea.

However, these days, it’s no secret that more and more women are opting not to wait…

And instead, to have one night stands & more casual sex.

While waiting to have sex is still quite a common practice — it’s not for every guy.

So if more and more women are having casual sex, and you’re interested in having more casual sex as well, is there a way to take advantage of this information?

This new survey might just have the answer.

How This Survey Finally Busted the Myth of Waiting Until the Third Date to Have Sex

The third date has sort of become the societal norm for when a woman can sleep with a man without feeling “easy.”

However, a recent survey conducted by the well-known dating site has revealed that most younger women today don’t follow this rule.

In fact, the numbers show that one out of every three single millennial women surveyed has had sex before a first date. Yes, before the very first date.

On top of that, the survey also found (perhaps unsurprisingly) that 48% of single millennials — both men and women — are more likely to have had sex before the first date than previous generations.

So why is this happening, and what should you do about it?

Here are my two cents.

Why Are More & More Women Saying “Yes” to Sex Before Dating?

Because sexual compatibility is becoming more and more important to young people these days, it’s probably one of the biggest reasons more women are saying “Yes” to sex before dating.

Think about it:

Sexual compatibility and emotional compatibility are huge contributing factors to consider in a new relationship.

And because younger women today are more hesitant to commit to a relationship unless they know with nearly 100% certainty that there’s nothing “better” out there…

The women you see today are probably going to want to figure out if they’re sexually compatible with you a lot faster.

Many young women have experienced the frustration of learning that they’re emotionally compatible with a guy, only to discover that they’re not sexually compatible later on down the line.

A lot of younger women have also found themselves in relationships where something physical is “missing.” So now, more than ever, they want to be on the same sexual page as you before moving forward.

By sleeping with you earlier on, she’s making sure she’s not wasting her time — the emotional compatibility is less important.

But how do you know if you are with a woman who’s down to get busy before the first date?

The Easiest Way to Find a “Sex Before Dating” Woman

So if you want to start having sex before dating… is there an easy way to do it?

The short answer is “Yes.” But you’ve got to use your resources.

What are millennials most known for these days? Their tech-related skills, right?

And it’s by using this technology that you can start to explore the world of relationships from a sex-first perspective.

With so many apps out there designed with the sole purpose of hooking up, now is the perfect time to jump in and start taking advantage of this new lifestyle.

First, check out apps like Tinder and Bumble. These apps encourage the idea of meeting women who are ready to hook up.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that you can’t find a “sex before dating” woman in a bar or when you’re out at night.

In fact, these days you might have an easier time meeting a “one night stand” kind of woman out in a bar than you would online.

It Doesn’t End There…

One thing to keep in mind before you assume every woman under 30 is ready to have sex before dating:

While yes, one in every three millennial women has engaged in sex before the first date… not every woman is going to fall into this category.

So if you meet a woman, and you can tell that she seems into you, it’s probably safe to at least introduce the idea.


If you’re at a bar, you can keep it simple: “Wanna come back to my place for a nightcap?”

Or if you’re somewhere more private (like a booth in a nightclub), you could even go in for the kiss before introducing the idea of going back to one of your places.

However, if she seems “traditional” or a little icy, then it’s probably best to wait until after your first date (at least) to introduce the idea of getting physical.

And if she is into getting physical… what should you do next?

According to the survey, if a woman thinks you’re good in bed, it’s really easy to get her to stick around — potentially for as long as you want.

But how do you know if you’re good in bed? And how can you be good in bed with every woman you take home?

first date sex

How to Get Her “Sexually Addicted” to You With This Sex Expert’s Easy Technique…

Like the survey said: If a woman thinks you’re “good in bed”… she’s way more likely to stick around for more.

But what exactly does it mean to be “good in bed” in her eyes?

Does it mean that she feels she can “connect” with you during sex…?

Or maybe it’s that you know how to touch her… without her having to tell you?

Perhaps it’s as simple as being able to give her a really good orgasm…. every single time?

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