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A lot of guys in our community ask me for second date tips. It usually goes something like:

“Glenn, the first date seemed to go SO well… but then she stopped responding, and a second date never happened. Why do women do this?”

I get it — this can be one of the most frustrating things for a guy. (Especially if you shelled out $$$ on the first date!)

So today, I want to explain exactly why women do this, and how to prevent it from ever happening in the first place.

Hi, I’m Glenn Pearce — and as part of my new series, Ask Glenn, I’m answering all of your most difficult, burning questions that keep you up at night.

And today, I’m answering this one:

“What are some of the biggest reasons guys don’t get second dates?”

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Hey, it’s Glenn, and today I’m gonna tell you the reasons why guys don’t get second dates.

The biggest reason why guys don’t get second dates is because, well, the first date “sucked” for her.

But what exactly does it mean for a first date to “suck” to a woman?

It could mean that there wasn’t enough trust…

Or maybe there wasn’t enough rapport…

Not enough excitement…

No connection…

These are just a few of the reasons why girls say “no” to second dates.

However, that’s not the most important one.

The #1 Reason You’re Not Getting Second Dates

A lot of guys are like, “Hey, I had a first date with a girl and now I’m texting her, but she’s not getting back to me.”

Or they’ll say, “She’s being a little aloof, like she’s leading me on. What text can I send her to get a second date?”

And here’s the truth:

If these things are happening, there’s probably no text you can send to get a second date.

And here’s why:

The biggest reason guys don’t get second dates is because they didn’t sleep with the girl on the first date.

But What About the “Wait 3 Dates” Rule?

The absolute easiest way to land a second date, or to get a girl to text you after a first date, is to have sex with her on the first date.

If you have sex with her on the first date, there’s probably a 90% chance that she’ll text you and will keep texting you.

It’s very rare that you sleep with a girl on a first date and don’t ever get a second date. Especially today, more and more women are throwing that silly “wait 3 dates” rule out the window.

And that’s because she wants to know if you’re sexually compatible before she actually agrees to “date” you.

So if you want to improve your chances of getting second dates, make sure you try and sleep with her on the first date.

It doesn’t mean spending money… and it doesn’t mean trying extra hard.

It just means having a first date that “wows” her. That matters.

Being interesting…

Projecting confidence…

Connecting with her…

Touching her…


And having sex!

That’s how you get a second date.

And if you aren’t totally sure how to get her back to your place on the first date… well then, my friend, just keep reading ;-):

The “Trick” That’s Been Helping Shy, Introverted Guys in Our Community Get WAY More Second Dates…

Like I said, the easiest way to get a second date is to sleep with her on the first date.


If you think she might be a “wait 3 dates” kind of girl… or you just aren’t quite sure how to get her back to your place… then I’ve got something really cool to show you.

It’s been helping a lot of guys in our community get sex on the first date…(which, as you may have guessed, means they’re getting WAY more second dates too)… and it goes a little something like this:

When you’re about halfway through the date (like during dinner, but before the check arrives)… pick out something she’s wearing… a necklace, bracelet, hair clip, whatever…

…then tell her you like it (My personal go-to is, “That looks really pretty on you”)… and then you reach over, and touch it like this.


Well, this kind of skin-to-skin contact apparently turns her on, very quickly (3–5 minutes in my experience)…

…and as this arousal intensifies throughout the night… eventually, all she’ll be able to think about is going back to your place for an evening of hot, wild sex. Yeah buddy!!!

(You’ll know it’s working when you see her do this with her legs, or this with her hair. Those are HUGE giveaways she wants you bad.)

Anyway, this trick is the first thing we show quieter, more “introverted” guys in our community… because the magic is in the touch… NOT your words.

Here’s how it’s done:

Discover The “Trick” That’s Been Helping Shy, Introverted Guys in Our Community Get WAY More Second Dates…