Women Can’t Resist This “Reverse” Pickup Line

reverse pickup line

How To Keep Her Hanging on to Your Every Word — Is This Irresistible “Line” What You’ve Been Looking For?

Every once in a while when I’m out meeting women, I stumble upon a “line” that seems to work exceptionally well.

Tons of guys ask me how I come up with these “lines”… the lines that make women’s eyes grow large with lust, and keep them interested in you & only you… and the truth is, most of these lines are things I would never imagine saying to a woman!

However, the only way I figure out that these lines work as well as they do is with practice.

Tons and tons of practice.

Back when I was first getting good with girls, I’d say things to women and they’d just look at me like I told them I just escaped from prison.

Whew… it was rough!

But finally, I learned the perfect thing to say to a woman. And it’s all because I said so many wrong things, that I finally figured out what was right.

So today, I’m going to reveal my secret “reverse” pickup line and how you can use it to attract the next woman you want.

Women Can’t Resist This “Reverse” Pickup Line

Why Some “Lines” Work on Women (While Others Fall Flat)…

A lot of guys ask me:

“Do you think I can learn to think like you and come up with flirty things to say to a woman that work really well?”

And every time, I give them the same answer:

“Hell yes!”

Of course I can teach you exactly what to say, why to say it, and most importantly, how to put yourself in the correct state of mind to come up with things to say.

As a matter of fact, just the other night a student asked me this question.

We were at an exclusive high-end hotel bar, and it was packed with super hot model types.

Women were everywhere, and at one point, we were just talking when a very attractive walked over to me and said, “I like your hair.”

I instantly replied with a question that, thinking back, is so damn silly it should never have worked:

“Is that a pickup line?”

Man, if you could’ve seen the look on her face! It was gold.

She was instantly attracted to me and desperately tried to get me to give her more of my undivided attention.

Women Can’t Resist This “Reverse” Pickup Line

How I Discovered the “Reverse” Pickup Line That Women Love…

There was one catch with this “reverse” pickup line, though — I had to double check my crafty work.

So at some point during every conversation I had with a girl that night, usually directly after a compliment, I asked, “Is that a pickup line?”

The proof was undeniable. It was a winner!

Think about it for a moment.

How many times have you heard a woman say this to you? How did it make you react to her?

It has the same devastating effects on a woman. She’s left speechless.

Plus, you can use it in so many different scenarios:

If a woman asks you for directions on the street…

If she asks you what time it is…

Or if she asks you for a cigarette…

The list is endless!

I personally believe this line is a huge breakthrough for all of us, because it’s so simple and highly effective.

It will keep her interested in you until she’s ready to give you her # or go somewhere more private… but how do you know when she’s ready?

And when she is ready, how do you ask for it?

I’ve got just the trick for that too:

reverse pickup line

How To Get Her # (Without Asking For It)…

One of the biggest mistakes guys make when talking to a woman is flat-out asking for her #.


Well, women are used to being hit on… and they expect guys to ask for their #’s. So when she hears the words, “Can I have your #?”… it triggers this instant “no” response in her brain.

(I know man, female psychology is wacky lol.)

Instead, the most foolproof way to get a woman’s # when you’re talking to her… is to let her give it to you.

Yeah, I know it sounds a little weird… but because most women expect guys to ask for their #’s… when you don’t ask for it… she’ll have one thing on her mind, and one thing only:

“Why hasn’t he asked me for my phone number yet??? Maybe I should give it to him…”

Of course, there is a little technique involved.

The key is to make her want to give you her #. And while the “reverse” pickup line I showed you can help… there are a few more conversation tricks that make it way more likely that she’ll do it.

I can’t take credit for these though… I first heard about them from Gotham Club Founder Craig Miller.

He made this cool video to show you what they are… along with some pretty awesome texting tricks to get a girl to come over to your place… so you can check it out right here:

How To Get Her # Without Asking For It (Plus What to Text Her to Turn Things Sexual)…